The Best Places for Solo Female Travel

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Written by
Emily Opie, Tess Van der Winsor, Hanna Fischer, Rachel O'Leary & Jennifer Richt

The very essence of Jacada is to take you to incredible destinations with the assistance of a private guide.

Understandably though, those travelling on their own may have more concerns than those travelling with others - whether they have a guide or not.

Sadly, the reality is that there are still instances of violence against women across the world. This means sometimes it can be more challenging for women to travel alone.

We're here to alleviate those worries and share our pick of the best places for solo female travel.


Perhaps a surprising one on the list, but India can be perfectly safe to travel around as an independent female. At Jacada, you can request a female guide if you would prefer but we vet all of our guides and drivers before sending clients to the countries. And India is so big, magnificent and has so much to offer that it would be a shame to pass it by. From the snow capped Himalayas to the colourful cities in Rajasthan and the lush backwaters of Kerala, there are many sides of India that are waiting to be explored.


Home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world, Chile is an incredible destination for people of all ages to explore. Fortunately, it’s also a safe country with few concerns for solo travellers.  Here you can find plenty of full board lodges where excursions are shared, so you have the chance to meet other curious adventurers. Stay in the otherworldly Atacama Desert, hike around Torres del Paine or roam the colourful streets of Santiago.



Much like the rest of Scandinavia, Sweden is extremely safe for anyone travelling alone, and particularly women. There are stringent laws on gender equality, which means it has a welcoming culture that treats everyone as  equals.  Thanks to its striking landscapes and fascinating cities, Sweden is also great for anyone who loves adventure and outdoor pursuits. It’s also a great foodie destination.


Who wouldn’t want to pass up the opportunity to track gorillas if they had the chance? And certainly not if you’re a solo female traveller! Rwanda and Uganda have excellent guiding options to see these endangered and beautiful mammals in the lush and hilly national parks. Thanks to staying in a lodge environment, you get the chance to befriend other visitors – many of whom are often solo travellers.


Kenya is also a fantastic place for females travelling on their own as many of the camps such as Solio Lodge and Sasaab can communicate your likes and dislikes and provide a highly personalised service, if you’re staying more than one. However, your main focus in Kenya is bound to be the fascinating wildlife, which can often be best enjoyed on your own! Many lodges in Africa are also great places to meet other travellers – some of whom may turn into lifelong friends.

New Zealand

With gender equality laws, a female prime minister and an open minded culture, New Zealand is one of the best countries in the world to visit as a solo female traveller. They are also a very friendly nation, so it’s easy to converse and make friends on your trips. With a guide at every step of the way, you can rest assured that your adventure will be a smooth and easy one.


As the world’s fourth happiest country, it’s no surprise that Iceland is also a great destination for solo female travel. A vast country, there is plenty to explore in Iceland – start your journey in the charming capital Reykjavik before adventuring through the moody South Coast and the snowy Golden Circle. Iceland is a great destination for adventurers, with some of the most dramatic landscapes on the planet. Friendly locals and expert guides all add to Iceland’s charm, so if you’re a solo female traveller, you’re bound to enjoy this land of natural wonder.


If you're ready to book a trip as a solo female traveller, get in touch with one of our travel designers today who can help create your perfect adventure.