Atacama Desert

Nayara Alto Atacama

An adobe style desert hideaway

A luxurious desert resort offering many exciting activities

Almost imperceptible from its backdrop of baked red rock, emerging as a perfectly placed traditional adobe settlement, it takes an even closer look to discover that this is, in fact, the very conscientiously designed and luxuriously authentic Nayara Alto Atacama. Its beauty is matched by its sustainable ideals, with the resort dedicated to integrating into the environment without causing harm to the immediate landscapes or ecosystems.

In the shadow of the Cordillera de la Sal and with the San Pedro River coursing by its enviably remote and magical position in the Atacama desert means it is well placed to explore the surrounding natural sights of deep, sweeping valleys and canyons, kaleidoscope skies, serene lagoons, ancient ruins and tempestuous geysers.

Yet the location is only part of the hotel’s unique allure; its design both in and out stylishly embraces the aesthetic of the Altiplano and Atacama. Varying textures in the form of colourful earth-tone tiles, Brea lamps, cave paintings, local iconography, sculptures, and coarse Aguayo tapestries and Amerindian textiles, blend to create an inviting, warm and intimate atmosphere to the contrasting wilderness outside. Each comfortable room features its own terrace and is equipped with many modern appliances and luxuries.

What’s more the hotel’s activities and expeditions are expertly planned and personalised to you, with private guiding available. The staff will do their utmost to look after you and there are many facilities to enjoy at the hotel, such as yoga, spa treatments, hot springs, or just sitting under the patio awnings gazing at the spectacle in front of you.


42 rooms, each with a terrace


Swimming pools and hot springs

Astronomy classes and excursions

Mountain biking


Lounge and bar

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Places to combine Nayara Alto Atacama with

Torres del Paine

The Singular
Housed in the restored, post-Victorian cold-storage factory “Frigorifico Puerto Bories” first built in 1915, the Singular is in fact a National Monument and has been sympathetically and stylishly converted into one of Patagonia’s most elegant exploration hotels. By this we mean its remoteness has in no way inhibited its refinement. Located on the shores of the Señoret Channel, at the end of the Ultima Esperanza Sound, Singular is ideally placed for expeditions to some of Patagonia’s most inaccessible parts and sights. With two of their own boats to explore the intricate fjords, channels and islands, as well as a wealth of other land-based activities, you really are in the best hands. The hotel’s décor has been expertly and creatively designed to a high but understated level of luxury, blended with regional character and the building’s unique history all for a contemporary industrial chic fused with a warm, old-style comfort. All of its 57 rooms command steely Patagonian views over the channel water or rugged plains, and soft carpets, cosy beds and traditional pieces of furniture add a warmth to their contemporary, bunker-style design of bare concrete walls and seamless glass windows. In-between these lie rooms displaying much of the factory’s restored machinery and galleries detailing its history, so Singular acts as much as an offering to the region’s past as it does a hotel. The service and food are both excellent, and apart from the simple task of deciding on whether to go for the Magellenic Lamb or conger eel for dinner, or perhaps what spa treatment you’ll go for to end your day, the bigger challenge is choosing from over 20 different well-thought-out and extraordinary expeditions on offer by Singular. We also highly recommend Pisco Sours at sunset.