Lewa is a private conservancy with diverse mix of habitats from grassland plains, forest, wetlands and hills.

Formerly a cattle ranch, Lewa is now a shining example of exceptional wildlife conservation whose efforts have brought back healthy populations of the endangered black rhino and Grevy’s Zebra. In fact its 62,000 acres is now home to over 12% of Kenya’s black rhino, over 14% of the country’s white rhino and remarkably, the world’s largest single population of Grevy’s zebra, as well the rest of the ‘Big Five’, the rare reticulated giraffe and much more.

The conservancy is a not for profit organisation and which also works closely with its local Maasai communities for a sustainable safari experience that is not just about the game, but genuine cultural encounters and a united front for conservation. There is a very tangible atmosphere of dedication here.

Together with your daily game drives, more varied adventure activities are available at Lewa from lion tracking, camel trekking and fly camping, to horse riding, village visits and learning about how the wildlife is protected here.

When to go

The best time to visit Lewa is February to March and July to October. Long rains fall in April and May and while there are short rains in November and December, it is still warm and they won't really disrupt your visit.


What to do

  • 4x4 game drives
  • Guided bush walks
  • Horse riding safaris
  • Archaeological site excursions
  • Educational talks on the history of the Conservancy
  • Camel safaris

Lodges and camps in Lewa

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