Luxury Scandinavia Tours

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Published on: October 9th, 2017

Last updated: December 28th, 2023

Scandinavia encompasses the northern European countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Northern Germanic heritage and language link the three together and while each country offers something unique, there is something undeniably Scandinavian that unites them.

There are chic cities with excellent museums, galleries and restaurants which are just perfect for strolling. And when it comes to epic outdoor experiecnes, Scandinavia excels. From the Stockholm archipelago and Swedish Lapland to the incredible Norwegian fjords, this part of northern Europe is one big outdoor playground. You'll enjoy private tours and exclusive experiences in the company of excellent local guides, so whether you're exploring royal palaces and food markets or rushing through the snow on a husky sleigh, you'll get the very best out this beautiful region.

Although not technically part of Scandinavia, those travelling to northern Europe can easily hop over to Finland. It works really well combined with Norway, Sweden and Denmark and has some incredible national parks where you might just spot brown bears, elks and wolves.

Northern Lights
City Sightseeing


For those with a real sense of adventure, Norway is a dream destination. From the beautful and tranquil fjords to the craggy Lofoten Islands and majestic Lyngen Alps, there is so much natural beauty to be discovered.

There is ample opportunity for hiking, cycling and horse riding and for those that want to navigate the fjords themselves, we offer luxury cruises in smaller boats to help you really get enveloped in this majestic landscape.


Explore the Svalbard archipelago and unearth a land of wild Arctic tundra and glaciers and get the chance to meet some of its incredible inhabitants, including polar bears, reindeer and whales.

If you’re in search of the famed northern lights, then head to Norwegian Lapland – visit in winter and enjoy a magical snowy landscape from the comfort of your cosy lodge.

A polar bear glides through the icy waters in Svalbard


Running alongside Norway, Sweden is another wonderful Scandinavian destination that promises adventure and culture in equal measure. The capital, Stockholm, is an elegant city chock-a-block with museums, galleries, cafes and restaurants. It is strung across 14 islands meaning it has a lovely relaxed feel that comes from being so close to water.

Over on the west coast is Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. With its beautiful buildings and museums, it’s a great place to spend a few days and one of the best places to enjoy fresh seafood.

Aerial view of Stockholm

Head up to Swedish Lapland and you’ll find yourself in a magical world of pine forests, valleys and lakes. Here you can go ice fishing, snowshoeing, hop onboard a snowmobile or enjoy racing through the snowy forests on a sleigh pulled by huskies.



Small in comparison to its Scandinavian neighbours, Denmark still offers a wealth of culture and some wonderful places to explore. The capital, Copenhagen, is a really great city with beautiful architecture, a quaint harbour and it even boasts its own amusement park, Tivoli, in the middle of the city. It is also a shining beacon of Nordic cuisine with some really excellent restaurants and a cafe culture they take very seriously.

The Faroe Islands are a chain of 18 volcanic islands that sit halfway between Scotland and Iceland in the North Atlantic Ocean. They are a self governing nation under the sovereignty of Denmark but with their own unique identity and Faroese culture. It’s a fascinating place to visit and the epic scenery is simple jawdropping.

Gasadalur village and its waterfall


Just like its neighbouring Scandinavian capitals, Helsinki is a great city to explore. It sits on the Gulf of Finland and is characterised by wide avenues and neoclassical brick buildings after a fire in 1808 destroyed many of the original buildings.

It has some great museums and galleries and the 300 or so islands of the Helsinki archipelago are just a ferry ride away.

It’s rumoured that Father Christmas himself resides in Finnish Lapland. Whether or not you choose to swing by and say hello is up to you, but either way you can enjoy a healthy dose of fresh air as you trek through boreal forests, go skiing or ice fishing.


Browse the example plans above and talk with our Scandinavia experts to create your very own personal itinerary.