Rwanda’s capital has seen its fair share of woes, but nowadays this city hub is going from strength to strength as a burgeoning metropolis of business and comfortable city life. Its clean and ordered suburbs sit astride central hills and valleys for a green and pleasant setting, and downtown Kigali offers a good array of cafés and places to eat if you wish to venture out.

Throughout the city, there are sombre reminders of Rwanda’s past and memorials to those who lost their lives to genocide. These memorials and monuments are a testament to the nation’s commitment to peace and reconciliation.

Being a landlocked country, importing goods and with high VAT, Kigali can be expensive. Foreign goods, in particular, are overpriced, so it helps to buy the local brand if you can. Rwandan coffee is excellent and a good gift to take back home with you.

Looking to the future, there are plans in place to make many large changes to Kigali by 2040 – among them: decentralising the city, adding new shopping and leisure districts, and establishing more pedestrian walkways, green spaces and a wetlands conservation area.

As the country’s capital and main transport hub, Kigali is a necessary destination to springboard onto others in the country. We have selected a good range of very comfortable and convenient hotels in the city to give you a comfortable buffer between flights and moving onto other locations.

When to go

Located in the centre of the country, Kigali's temperate climate makes it good for year-round visits. However, if you're looking for the warmest, driest weather it's best to plan to visit from June to September. There are two wet seasons, the long rains extend from March to May and the shorter rains are in October and November. Since Kigali is often a stepping-stone to the rest of the country, it's wise to look into the best times to visit the other regions you'll be spending time in.


What to do

  • There are various historical memorials and museums in Kigali, plus we can provide privately guided city tours and trips to local markets too.
  • There are several great cafés and restaurants to dine at.
  • Don't miss out on the excellent Rwandan coffee, which makes a great gift to take home for friends and family.