Charming Central American culture. Romantic, restful and truly bespoke itineraries.

Escape for the perfect luxury honeymoon to Guatemala with Jacada. We can make this very special of trips as restful, as romantic, as adventurous and as stylish as possible.

Depending on your preferences as a couple and together with our long-established expertise in planning exceptional honeymoons, we will create an entirely tailor-made itinerary to Guatemala that combines luxury, character and what’s more, around your interests, tastes and time.

A country of cultural variety, as well as charming boutique luxury, Guatemala is both a fascinating and unique destination for you and your partner. What’s more it’s your honeymoon, so you can include as little or as much as you’d like: absorb the fascinating history hidden in the colonial streets of Antigua, unwind at the beautiful and romantic Lake Atitlan, and explore the mystical archaeological site of Tikal, all with our expert team of friendly and knowledgeable local guides.

Browse the locations in Guatemala below to find your perfect combination. Then talk to our Guatemala experts to create your personal honeymoon itinerary.

You don’t get more quintessentially Central American than Guatemala. Charming and unassuming, this is a country that offers a little more adventure, rugged culture and undisturbed history than most others. In this respect, I enjoy planning honeymoons to Guatemala for newlyweds looking for something altogether more unique and intimate to start off married life together. I also usually recommend them to combine it with another country for diversity and perhaps if they prefer a little tropical beach time too…

Jennifer Richt
Senior Travel Designer

Inspiring destinations in Guatemala

Need to Know

  • is the local time
  • Quetzal is the local currency
  • Guatemala City is the capital city
  • Fiambre is Guatemala's national dish

When to go

November to April are the driest months and best to travel. Even in the rainy season (May to October) it might only rain for a few hours a day, so it can still be visited during these months.


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