Cobblestone street of Antigua in Guatemala, lined by yellow houses with Acatenango volcano in the back

When is the Best Time to Visit Guatemala?

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Published on: January 30th, 2018

Last modified: July 28th, 2023

You can discover the natural beauty and historic ruins of Guatemala all year round, thanks to the Central American country’s generally pleasant climate. November to April is the best time to visit Guatemala as they are the dry months, but even during the wet season it doesn’t rain excessively.

If you’re going to be heading for the beaches on the coast or crossing the border into Belize, however, September and October may be a little too wet. There’s a lull in the summer rains around July and August. Expect warm days and cool nights in the highlands, and hotter weather and higher humidity in the lowlands. Hurricane season falls over October and November, so it’s best to avoid visiting then.

March, April, September, November
Turtle nesting
June - December
Visit Tikal
November - August
Panoramic view of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, surrounded by mountain peaks on a sunny day

The Best Time to...

The lush green canopy with ancient Mayan ruins raising from the trees in Tikal, Guatemala

Visit Tikal

If you’re planning on venturing into the jungle to visit the remote archaeological site of Tikal, avoid visiting in September and October, because the rains could make the roads difficult to use. It can also get uncomfortably humid in the area around that time of year. Despite a little rain in the shoulder months before and after the wet season, the rest of the year is great for visiting. If you visit early enough in the morning you could spider monkeys, or even the shyer howler monkeys.


Experience Wildlife

Head to the Pacific coast where Tortugario Monterrico runs a turtle hatchery on the beach. The eggs of olive ridley, leatherback, and green sea turtles are collected and reburied where they can be protected from poachers. The nesting season runs from June to December, and the turtles incubate for between 50 and 70 days depending on the species.

Festivals and Celebrations

There are a variety of festivals through the year that can be exciting for visitors to witness, from All Souls Day in November which sees Santiago Sacatepéquez host a kite-flying day, to Independence Day in September with its parades and music. And the annual Holy Week traditions in March and April include bright processions through streets carpeted in flowers. You should definitely try to spend some time in Antigua over this period to make the most of the celebrations.

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