In Switzerland’s northwest, reaching out into France, the Canton of Jura is characterised by green pastures and sweeping hills and forested mountains, with winding rivers punctuated by medieval towns.

Perhaps the most scenic is Saint-Ursanne, its historic architecture joined by stone bridges, peaked rooves and rows of shuttered windows with the traditional Swiss garlands. It lies both in a nature reserve as well as just 50 minutes from the nearby city of Basel. Other attractions include Delémont, capital of the canton, with its art galleries and museums and Franches-Montagnes, a horse rider’s paradise.

Just to the south, the Three Lakes District is a favourite among hikers and mountain bikers alike. Much of it is made of small farms and vineyards, creating a rich tapestry between the various towns and villages. The three lakes are Lake Murten, the smallest and found near the foot of the Jura Mountains, Lake Biel, famous for horological culture, and Lake Neuchâtel, situated at the base of the wine country. Additionally, both La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle, are considered UNESCO World Heritage Sites and boast their own rich heritage.

When to go

Visit during late spring and summer to catch the lakes and countryside at their most beautiful. This is prime time for hiking and moutain biking.


What to do

  • Explore the museums and galleries in Delémont
  • Hike and bike through the Three Lakes District
  • Discover the surronding medieval towns