A cutting-edge stay of high quality


Facilities & services

  • 40 unique residences built on stilts
  • Restaurant
  • Bar


  • Lake Neuchâtel
  • Nearby hiking trails
  • 32 sites of national significance

Boasting the unusual claim of being the only hotel in Europe built on stilts, the Palafitte Hotel it is a contemporary wonder with a focus on its unique setting and deep relaxation.

40 rooms are designed to give you the greatest vistas of the exquisite natural surroundings. Look out onto the brilliant blue waters of Neuchâtel Lake, with the looming Alps providing one of the most scenic backdrops in the world. Décor is spacious and modern, with plenty of natural light ensuring a fresh and crisp feeling to your day. Dine at La Table de Palafitte, taking in the views through its great French windows or from its terrace. The menu here is one focused on local, seasonal produce. Le Bar is an ideal spot to sip on an aromatic coffee or to get together with friends or family for an evening drink.

The city of Neuchâtel itself is a glorious exploration of the region’s history, with numerous heritage sites of national significance. The old city is a stately and enchanting celebration of this past, with fascinating museums, grand churches and numerous stately villas and castles. But the attractions are not only cultural, with the area containing gorgeous hiking trails, lake adventures and journeys into the vineyards of Neuchâtel.

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