Kangaroo Island is a deceptively large island off the southern coast of Australia, not far from Adelaide, playing host to a magnificent wilderness, with large populations of the country’s beloved wildlife – not just its eponymous marsupial – and large swathes of protected habitats.

Due to its abandonment by the Australian Aborigines upon becoming an island several thousand years ago and little colonisation by Europeans, the flora and fauna have largely been left flourishing, unspoilt with wildlife thriving in every corner and around every turn. Koala bears sit up in the high branches, feeding on their precious eucalyptus leaves while kangaroos, of course, can be found grazing and hopping about on the grasslands. Leaving the bush behind, the beaches are home to creatures such as the Australian sea lions, seals, prolific sea birds and playful dolphins. At Flinders Chase National Park, you will discover the geological marvels of Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch, astonishing in their unique formations. The biggest town is Kingscote, home to a colony of little penguin, the smallest of these birds in the world.

Embark on numerous trails, perhaps spotting snuffling echidnas, wallabies or goannas. But it’s not just the animals that make this place so special. Adventure activities are just as big of a pull, with thrill seekers being able to go kayaking, caving and quad biking.

There’s also a notable culinary scene with many gastronomic eateries, restaurants and cafes sourcing local ingredients such as the island’s famed southern rock lobster, honey and wine.

When to go

Kangaroo Island can be visited year round as it never really gets too hot or too cold. Summer (December to February) is warmest and the most popular time to visit, but winters (June to September) are mild with the rains bringing the landscape to life and the best time for whale watching.


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