Just north of Ilulissat, on the west coast of Greenland, you’ll find the country’s largest and most active glacier: Eqi Glacier, also known by its Greenlandic name of Eqip Sermia.

Emerging through the blanket of tranquillity that surrounds the Eqi Glacier, you’ll hear the thunderous roar as enormous ice sheets crash into the turquoise water below. The awe-inspiring expanse of the glacial ice cap is made from compressed snow, which eventually turns to ice in the extreme arctic temperatures, trapping air bubbles inside. When parts of the glacial front fall, this air is released, causing the exhilarating and explosive sound.

This is the natural phenomenon that makes the Eqi glacier so renowned. For unlike other glaciers in the region, here you can really get up close to the action by boat where you’ll feel humbled by the enormity of the precarious, glistening ice before you.

Access to the glacier is only possible by boat from Ilulissat. During your journey you’ll pass by the wonderous and surreal surrounds of floating icebergs, possibly spotting whales if you’re lucky.

Once you reach the glacier you can explore further with a hike over the top to discover the glacial streams that carve coloured tunnels of blue and turquoise, further extenuating its breath-taking beauty.

Trips to the glacier can be extended by staying overnight at the unique Glacier Lodge Eqi, which faces out towards this mind-blowing landscape, giving you a truly unforgettable view as you rise the next morning.

What to do

  • Explore the ice cap on foot
  • Get up close to the glacier front by boat
  • Watch the glacier calving
  • Watch out for moskoxes, snow rabbits, arctic foxes, whales and seals

Accommodation in Eqi Glacier

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