The colourful town of Ilulissat is a delightful setting for your Greenlandic adventure. It is spectacularly situated in a bay that harbours thoroughly awe-inspiring icebergs which have broken away from the impressive Jakobshavn glacier, some of which rise more than a hundred meters above sea level.

The vast Jakobshavn glacier, found just inland of the coastal town of Ilulissat and accessible by boat through the picturesque Disko Bay, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also one of the most productive in the northern hemisphere with around 35 billion tonnes of icebergs breaking off and passing out of the fjord every year.

Ilulissat is also the ideal place from which to explore the Inuit culture and learn about the history of the small ancient settlement known as Sermermiut, which spans an impressive 4000 years. Sermermiut, which is now listed as part of the Ilulissat Icefjord World Heritage Site, was abandoned in 1850 when its last resident moved to Ilulissat. Here you can explore the eerie abandoned turf hut ruins.

The area surrounding Ilulissat is perfect for hikers and nature lovers alike, for here you can trek up the spectacular Holms Hill also known as Seqinniarfik, to experience uniquely breathtaking views of both the Ilulissat Icefjord and Ilulissat at its top. This is a journey the local people of Ilulissat make annually on the 13th of January, after the long dark winter, in order to celebrate the first rising sun of the year. You can also look out across the Icefjord for the awe-inspiring sight of whales lobtailing in the glittering ocean waters.

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