A Wild and Authentic Arctic Escape


Facilities & services

  • Trapper's Hut
  • Secondary Station
  • Gamme
  • Eighty Alaskan Huskies


  • Husky sledding
  • Explore the tundra

Experience life as the trappers of the Arctic archipelago once did with a stay at the remote Trapper’s Station. Based approximately ten kilometres from the edge of Longyearbyen, this is a truly unique and hands-on place to lodge.

Designed as a replica of an old trappers’ station and filled with artefacts, fur rugs, sealskins and oil lamps, the feel here is complete Arctic authenticity. The accommodation is made up of the trapper’s hut, and for a truly different experience, the secondary station and gamma. Reminiscent of a shelter used by trappers during their hunting trips, the secondary station provides four beds, while the gamma is styled as a wooden teepee hut where you can settle down into sleeping bags on reindeer skin.

Let the everyday stresses of modern life trickle away as you get up close to this peaceful and relaxed wilderness on husky sled rides, before returning to the station for hearty four-course meals of Arctic food and flavours.

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