Boutique hotel at the end of the world


Facilities & services

  • 22 rooms
  • Restaurant


  • Snowmobiling
  • Dogsledding

Originally built as an outpost for radio operators in 1933, Isfjord Radio allows guests to enjoy the vast wilderness of Svalbard without compromising on comfort or style.

The world’s most northerly boutique hotel, you are located on the outermost part of Isfjord on the Nordenskiöld coast, surrounded by the magnificent Svalbard mountains and overlooking the open sea. 90km from Longyearbyen, the hotel is accessible by snowmobile or dogsled in winter and by boat in summer.

The transmitter masts and satellite dishes still remain outside, a reminder of its past as an important telecommunications link between the Norwegian mainland and Svalbard. After a day exploring, relax and wrap up in a cashmere throw in one of the beautifully styled guest rooms, or take a seat in the cosy sitting room. The connection to your surroundings extends to dinner, an Arctic feast of smoked seal, whale, halibut and reindeer. Each night of your stay, you’ll enjoy a three-course dinner of Norwegian specialties.

Surrounded by icy fjords, snow-capped mountains and a wealth of wildlife, this majestic landscape begs to be explored so prepare for some epic adventures in what feels like the end of the world.

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