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Belize is a wonderfully diverse and interesting place to visit on your honeymoon. Despite it’s small size there are many different landscapes, peoples and nature to be encountered here. Only 300,000 people live in the country giving the entire place a laid back ‘small town’ easy going nature. At the peak of the Mayan civilisation it’s estimated that as many as two million Mayans lived here, their history is everywhere with many sites discovered and many more laying hidden in the rainforest.

Belize is also home to the largest barrier reef in the Western hemisphere allowing some excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities in the warm Caribbean waters (there are also some great honeymoon beachfront hotels).

Waking up in your private beach casita to the soothing sounds of the Caribbean Sea is a great introduction to Belize on your honeymoon. Its sandy white coastline and nearby cayes (islands) call for total relaxation. For those seeking the element of adventure, there is lots of offer from diving into the famous Blue Hole to crawling into the depths of the Actun Tunichil Muknal cave.  Hidden waterfalls, Mayan pyramids and secret island escapes all make Belize a very different and special honeymoon destination – not to mention the excellent seafood and tasty Creole cuisine.

Jennifer Richt
Senior Travel Designer

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Need to Know

  • is the local time
  • Belize Dollar is the local currency
  • Belmopan is the capital city
  • Boil up is Belize's national dish
  • Belize City is the country's largest city

When to go

From mid-November to late April is the dry season and perfect for a beach holiday. May to June is still okay to travel, although towards July the rainy season is well underway.


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