Experience a wild adventure through fjords, forests and fascinating cities in a luxury Norway family vacation.

Head out on an epic family adventure as you cruise along winding fjords, race across frozen landscapes behind huskies, explore historic cities and marvel at the astoundingly beautiful scenery of Norway.

A visit to this stunning country will be filled with lasting memories for travelers of all ages, whether you visit when the trees are heavy with snow, or when the gentle hills are bright with wild blossoms. Start your journey in one of the cities and marvel at the changes over the centuries – from the days of Vikings to the busy global centres they are today.

Oslo is home to a variety of museums and the beautiful Vigeland Sculpture Park where you’ll be able to spend time enjoying the pleasant summer weather together. Head over a bridge from the mainland to Tromsø, the “arctic capital”, where you can get a taste for polar adventures of days gone by, but also wander between old wooden houses and visit a century-old cinema. Avid stargazers of all ages will be fascinated by the observatory here which specializes in studying the Northern Lights and meteorology. The port town of Bergen also boasts a fascinating collection of museums and galleries, as well as a cable car up into the mountains offering amazing views.

As you head out into the countryside and fjords, you’ll have the chance to learn about Sami history and culture that has shaped the Norway you see today. Bundle up warm in winter and make the most of the snow as you go snowmobiling, hiking through pristine forests, or exploring ice caves. In summer you can make the most of the long daylight hours by trekking, climbing, kayaking, and sailing in the fjords.

Immerse yourself in the wild beauty of the Svalbard archipelago, with its expansive glaciers, national parks, and rare wildlife. This is where you should keep a look out for the polar bears, reindeer, arctic foxes, seabirds and whales that call the area home.

Your Travel Designer will put together an unforgettable trip for your family taking your interests into account. You will be paired up with knowledgeable local guides who will introduce you to the beauty and secrets of Norway, creating lasting memories along the way.

Whatever you want from your family adventure in Norway, our team of expert travel designers are ready to help.

Where to go

Need to Know

  • is the local time
  • Norwegian Krone is the local currency
  • Oslo is the capital city
  • Fårikål is Norway's national dish

When to go

Your experience will differ depending on the season you decide to visit. In summer, animals and fauna thrive during the long stretch of constant light and it's the best time for exploring fjords and glaciers, kayaking and trekking. The polar winter night means that the Northern Lights are bright and the freezing conditions are great for snowmobiling, skiing, husky sledding and visiting ice caves.