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Paros is an idyllic Greek island, which decorates the already beautifully mesmerizing Aegean seas, as part of a group of islands known as the Cyclades. It is the second largest island here and is famous for its bright sandy beaches which are lapped by perfectly turquoise waters, as well as its quaint yet traditional villages, connected by unrivaled Byzantine footpaths.

Paprika, the island’s capital is a colourful town and the main port of Paros. It is one of the most quintessentially Cycladic villages, known for its cosy cobbled streets dotted with old churches, as well as small, traditional shops and picturesque houses reflecting the sun and the sea with their shades of blue and brilliant white. The vast amount of white buildings add by contrast to the vibrancy of the delicate trees and flowers found here, making this island even more picture perfect.

For those with an interest in the Byzantine history found here, the historic Byzantine church complex Panagia Ekatontapilia, also known as Katapoliani, is a must see in the capital of Paprika.

Arguably the most famous beach found here is Kolymbithres, due to its fascinating geology where you’ll find beautifully sculpted granite rock formations which are several millions of years old. The island is well connected to the other islands nearby due to its central location among them, and most of the ferries to Naxos and Santorini stop off at Paros. This island is also a popular destination for those seeking to experience a range of water sports. Wind and kite-surfing are some of the most popular options here and the coastal town of Dryos found to the east, along with Tserdakia beach and Chryssi Akti beach – also known as Golden Beach – are the favourite spots among surfing fanatics.

Whether you spend your days here simply relaxing and enjoying the paradisaical surrounds on its glowing beaches, delving into its ancient roots, or honing your water sports skills on the dazzling waters, Paros is bound to become one of your new firm favourite Greek destinations.


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