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Published on: August 16th, 2017

Last modified: November 2nd, 2023

February is a fantastic month to travel to some of the world’s most incredible destinations. It’s a month that can drop you straight into a winter wonderland in Finland or whisk you away for sunshine-filled adventures in Australia.

It’s also an inspirational month for travel. With half the globe in the depths of the winter, it feels exciting to plan a trip to a place with different weather, or capitalise on the joys of the climate in your own hemisphere.

If you want to escape to somewhere sunnier (or snowier), or dive into different cultural celebrations, take your family on a thrilling adventure or plan a romantic escape with your partner, this is a great time to do it. We’ve asked our travel designers to highlight the best places to go in February, drawing on their expertise and their own travel experience.

1. Brazil

February in Brazil brings to mind one thing: Carnival. This legendary celebration lights up the streets of Rio de Janeiro for several days each year, complete with costumes, parades, parties, samba and live music. Just make sure to plan far in advance, as hotels book up fast. For contrast, head south of Rio to Ibitipoca, known for forests, wildlife and sustainability efforts such as reforestation, rewilding muriqui woolly spider monkeys, creating wildlife corridors and supporting local communities and culture.

We also recommend the northeastern city of Salvador in Bahia during February for distinctive Carnival celebrations. Bahia is the home of capoeira and Candomblé (an Afro-Brazilian religion) and there’s a wealth of other history and African influences to discover. Bahia also boasts the idyllic beach town of Trancoso

Need to know: We suggest a suite at the Fasano Rio, right in front of the famous Ipanema beach which can be slightly quieter than the bustling Copacabana Beach in February.

2. Australia

February is summer in the Southern Hemisphere, which means wonderful weather in Australia – especially coastal cities like Sydney and Melbourne. December and New Year’s tend to get busy in the land down under, but it quiets down by February, so you’ll be free to enjoy this beautiful country – and, away from the cities, its best luxury lodges – without the crowds.


Keep in mind that February can be very hot in the Outback and the Top End and it’s also the rainy season in certain regions. Our travel designers recommend the island of Tasmania, which has its own culture, spectacular wilderness and endless opportunities for adventure.

Need to know: Aside from Tasmania, our favourite islands to visit in February are Kangaroo Island and Lord Howe Island.


3. New Zealand

New Zealand is a dream come true if you want to get back to nature, offering infinite expanses of untouched wilderness, mountains, volcanoes, vineyards, lakes and beaches. If you’re wondering where to go in February, it’s an ideal choice; the warm summer weather is perfect for exploring national parks and relaxing on secluded stretches of sand.


Our travel designers Ros and Charlie recently travelled to Taupo on New Zealand’s north island where they hiked through the surrounding forests – and thoroughly recommended the tranquillity of the experience. The exquisitely comfortable Huka Lodge is the perfect place to return to after a day of outdoor adventures.

Need to know: Lake Taupo is New Zealand’s largest lake at 616 km2 (238 sq mi) where you can cruise on private catamaran tours.

4. Botswana

Botswana may be one of Africa’s best destinations to go to in February – but not for the reasons you might expect. This is the green season, which means you can spot lots of baby animals and birdlife. It’s also the best time to visit Botswana for photography, with beautiful light and colours. And since it’s the low season, there will be fewer crowds.

Our travel designer James highly recommends the opulent Xigera Camp and the intimate Wilderness Chitabe Lediba, both with privileged locations in the Okavango Delta. February is also the best time to go to the Kalahari, as the desert starts to get greener and animals flock to the area. Witnessing this dry landscape burst into brilliant life is truly remarkable.

Need to know: The Kalahari in February is filled with wildlife: look out for giraffes, brown hyenas, warthogs, wild dogs, cheetahs, leopards, lions, blue wildebeests and elands.

5. Bolivia

Bolivia sometimes gets overshadowed by its larger neighbours, but this country is bursting with its own natural beauty, a massive diversity of experiences from culture filled city visits to high altitude jeep explorations and tours to one of Latin America’s largest pre-columbian archeological sites at Tiwanaku. February is the rainy season in Bolivia so it’s a fantastic time of year to see the iconic ‘mirror effect’ in the Uyuni salt flats as the rains flood the salt pans.

For an unforgettable experience, take the Travesia journey across Bolivia with a private guide and local driver, stopping at four exceptional lodges along the way. And to fully experience the magic of Uyuni, you can stay in an Airstream Deluxe Camper in the middle of the salt flats – the perfect combination of adventure, exclusivity and comfort (not to mention total privacy).

Need to know: While visiting the Salt Flats to admire the ‘mirror effect’, be sure to visit Uyuni’s other top attractions too; there’s the eerie train graveyard, Isla del Pescado (an island covered in cacti and shaped like a fish), Colchani (a tiny village that produces a lot of salt) and a visit to the famous Salt Hotel is an experience not to be missed.

Salar de Uyuni, Salt Flats, Bolivia

6. Finland

Many recommendations of where to travel in February focus on sunny locations south of the equator. But if you don’t mind cold weather, Finland has its own special appeal. Here winter looks straight out of a storybook, with pristine snowdrifts, sparkling ice and all the activities you can imagine, from snowmobiling and ice fishing to riding a sled pulled by dogs or even reindeer. 

February is also a great time to catch the northern lights, especially in Finnish Lapland. Stay at Octola, an isolated oasis designed according to traditional Sámi practices. You can venture out into the snowy wilderness on skis, snowshoes or a snowmobile, then return to the cosy wooden chalet and dine on local delicacies. If you ask us, this is winter at its very best.

Need to know: Wrap up warm if you travel to Finland in February as average temperatures are a chilly -7°C (19°F) and there will be snow and ice everywhere, even in the cities.

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