Okavango Delta, Botswana

Wilderness Chitabe Lediba

Immersive safari lodging amidst the Okavango Delta

Intimate five room camp in the diverse Chitabe Concession

Nestled within the Chitabe Concession, located in the southeastern part of the Okavango Delta in Botswana and covering 28,000 hectares, Wilderness Chitabe Lediba occupies a location known for its extensive range of habitats. Amidst this diverse landscape, the camp offers an intimate safari experience, distinct from its counterpart, Wilderness Chitabe Camp, yet presenting the same variety of terrains and wildlife encounters.

Here, a sense of intimacy is embraced, with just five luxurious Meru style tents suspended above a lagoon that has evolved into a popular waterhole for the local wildlife. Immerse yourself in the heart of nature as animals gracefully traverse the interconnecting walkways and can be spotted from your terrace dining table or tent veranda.

The entire camp can be exclusively reserved, perfect for families or small groups. Your daily game drives take place within the same area as guests at Wilderness Chitabe Camp, ensuring an identical and immersive wildlife viewing experience.



Five Meru-style tents with views over the delta

Game platforms for viewing the wildlife

Swimming pool

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A Vumburu Plains safari camp bedroom with a view of the plains and natural surroundings

Okavango Delta

Wilderness Vumbura Plains
Botswana’s mesmerizing Okavango Delta is now brighter than ever with the newly transformed (as of 2022) Vumbura Plains. Nestled in a large private concession of 60,000 hectares in the far north of the Delta, the camp is enveloped in some of the most incredible landscapes, home to some of the best wildlife encounters in the area. Inside, the camp celebrates its sense of place and culture, with design elements that pay homage to its wonderful setting with patterns, textures and colours bringing nature inside. Rooms at the lodge are amongst the biggest in the delta, all open plan, with a sunken seating area, private shaded deck and swimming pool outside as well as indoor and outdoor showers. There is an amazing sense of space here, in keeping with the wide-open plains that the rooms face onto. The rooms are open on three sides (with netting) giving a feeling of being closer to the nature and wildlife whilst still remaining is absolute comfort. The local connections continue throughout the camp experience.The menu celebrates seasonal produce sourced directly from local farmers, suppliers and artisans. Activities here are a mixture of game drives and water activities which will vary according to the level of the water and the time of the year. You will find day and night drives, walks and mekoro (dugout canoes) activities, with hot-air ballooning – from April to September each year – as well as scenic helicopter flights, making Vumbura an exclusive destination for the discerning adventure-seeker.


Zarafa Camp is set inside the 320,000 acre Selinda Reserve, created to conserve and protect the wildlife of the area alongside connecting Botswana’s Okavango Delta to the Linyanti waterways. This reserve is home to a diverse and rich abundance of species similar to those found in the Savuti and Chobe National Parks, but with the exclusivity of a private reserve. Simply one of the most beautiful tented camps in Africa, Zarafa is a triumph of conservation and attention to detail. There are just 4 immense tented suites set on raised wooden platforms overlooking the floodplain of the Zibadianja Lagoon. The tents are decorated in a style befitting of the explorations of the early 20th Century, matched with modern comforts and technological surprises. Outdoor decking wraps around each guest suite and offers guests a private plunge pool, private outdoor shower, and outdoor seating. Within the suite your lounge flows into a well-decorated bedroom and an open layout indoor bathroom that is adorned with a polished copper bath tub and fireplace. The main camp, made up of a generously-sized main lounge, library, dining area and bush boutique, is nestled under a canopy of  trees a slight distance from the suites. An outdoor gym and in-room massages are also available. Environmentally, Zarafa has a number of initiatives in place to ensure they have as light an impact on their surrounding as possible, from solar power and water filtration systems, to vehicles that run mostly on vegetable oil. The camp also supports the notion that conservation can only be successful if communities living alongside wildlife and protected areas are given opportunities to learn, interact, and benefit from these conserved areas. As part of Great Plains Conservation, Zarafa is involved with the Great Plains Foundation’s launch of the Great Plains Academy, which provides enrichment opportunities for a community in the upper reaches of Botswana’s Okavango Delta. The academy will supply vocational training, supplemental education, and scholarships with a conservation and tourism focus. All programmes seek to invest in the skill and capacity of the individual whilst displaying respect for natural heritage and a solid conservation ethic.  


Wilderness DumaTau
With uninterrupted views over Osprey Lagoon, and a fantastic vantage point from which to watch the areas mega-herds of elephants, Wilderness DumaTau and nearby Wilderness Little DumaTau are perfectly located for making the most of your stay in the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve. Each spacious tented guest suite has been positioned to offer great views whether you’re relaxing on your deck, or cooling off in your plunge pool. You’ll also find the tents include spot-cooling, meaning you can find respite from the hot afternoons indoors. Spend time investigating the ‘curiosity boxes’ you’ll find mounted on the walls in your room and the drawers filled with fascinating artefacts and information. They’re a great way to learn more about the area’s wildlife and rich history. Look out for unique elephant and wild dog art in the rooms and library made from reclaimed snare wire. Wilderness Safaris have constructed both camps to give maximum comfort and offer guests a large array of facilities. In addition to the in-tent cooling systems, you’ll discover that the central Osprey Retreat which sits between the two camps boasts a pool, drink and snack counter and a Safari Boutique area, offering you more space to mingle with your fellow guests if you choose to do so. Large decks, plunge pools and awnings are attached to each of Wilderness Duma Tau’s eight tented suites as well as at the four at Wilderness Little DumaTau. The Wilderness DumaTau team continues to focus on the sustainability of wildlife corridors, as they have done since 1997. They believe that it is more vital than ever to protect large wildlife corridors of wilderness,  like those within the vast Linyanti Wildlife Reserve – especially for the African elephant and wild dog that cover extensive ground. Staying at Wilderness DumaTau offers you easy access to the Linyanti floodplain as well as the Savuti Channel, in fact, it’s the only concession from which you can access both. The region has all the habitat diversity to make it a haven for wildlife, and is well-known for its elephant concentrations as they congregate along the waterways and lagoons during the dry winter months. General wildlife viewing is excellent year round including impala, wildebeest, red lechwe, Burchell’s zebra, giraffe, Cape buffalo, chacma baboon, vervet monkey, and warthog. Predator sightings of lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog and spotted hyena are good. As well as day and night game drives, you can explore on nature walks or take to the water on motorboats or the river barge (depending on water levels).