Ibitipoca State Park and Reserve is away from the tourist trails of southern Brazil but is one of the most beautiful national parks in the country.

Located in the south-eastern corner of the Minas Gerais state and just over three hours drive from Rio de Janeiro, the rolling Atlantic forest landscape stretches itself over 4000 hectares with thriving and diverse ecosystems.

Originally used as farming pastureland and caught up in the Gold Era of the 17th century, the sierra’s woodland has undergone conscientious and tenacious conservation over the past 30 years to allow the regeneration of the vital fauna and key predators. Thirty three species of monkeys now inhabit Ibitipoca along with wild boar, toucans, jaguars and the elusive and graceful puma. The astounding variety of trees is also quite beautiful, filled with monkey puzzles, cedars, candeias, Brazilian rosewoods and in between these you can cool off in the many cascading waterfalls or relax on the white sand river beaches.

We can organise a variety of private wildlife expeditions and activities to suit you and all with excellent, local English-speaking guides to allow you to get the most out of Ibitipoca’s nature, adventure and tranquillity.

We can transfer you privately from Rio by car or the Juiz da Fora airport is only an hour and a half away from the park. You could perhaps coincide a trip here with the town of Tiradentes or Ouro Preto.

What to do

  • Visit the local Matriz Church emblematic of the Gold Era
  • Take a dip in the dark rivers and cool waterfalls
  • Explore the Reserve and Park on horseback or foot
  • Enjoy the many hiking tours on offer

Accommodation in Ibitipoca

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