From the Arabic meaning ‘harbour of peace’, Dar es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania and is aptly named for its location on a massive natural harbour on the eastern coast of Africa. Although there is some speculation as to whether or not it is indeed the capital city or whether Dodoma has acquired this official status, it still has a significantly strong presence as a centre for government and commerce. For this reason it is quite built up and has a variety of modern influences to sustain a population of over 3 million. With such a high population it is quite run down and a rather rugged experience of an African city and for some, a necessary stopover in between safaris.

With a National and Village Museum to offer to the odd visitor, along with the Botanical Gardens, your stay in Dar es Salaam proper is really to be kept to a minimum but Jacada Travel have some excellent properties that we use in the surrounds that could provide sanctuary from this rather hectic city. In fact, you wouldn’t even know you’d been there. You can make the most of some pristine coastline within an hour from the city and experience some rather stunning views over the East Indian Ocean.

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  • Relax in our boutique and characterful properties
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