Mwiba Wildlife Reserve is a privately managed reserve close to the southern boundary of the Serengeti National Park and bordering the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

It is a beautiful and varied 129,000 acre landscape characterised by rolling hills, kopjes, thickets, waterholes and rivers where pools form that contain water year-round, which are a magnet for wildlife in the dry season. It is also the area that marks the southernmost point of the wildebeest’s migration loop, where the herds spread out across the wider region to calve between January and March.

Mwiba is home to just one permanent camp and lodge meaning that the huge reserve will be shared between a handful of guests. The stylish yet wild properties are also some of our favourites in Tanzania. And, being a privately managed reserve, you’ll get the chance to spot wildlife on night drives and get closer to the wilderness on walking safaris. We find Mwiba works well twinned with a safari inside Serengeti National Park, allowing for a few more exclusive days in its more varied wilderness with extra options a private reserve allows for.

Accommodation in Mwiba Wildlife Reserve

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