Beyond wine in Bordeaux: A photo journal

Written by
Alex Carey

I lived in France for two years and travelled up and down the country while I was there, but for some reason I never got around to visiting Bordeaux.

I have no idea why, as this quaint city offers everything I want in a destination: beautiful countryside, sumptuous wines and delicious food. What's not to like?

Earlier this year, I put things right and discovered everything Bordeaux has to offer.

Wine country

Bordeaux is world-renowned for its wine, and for good reason. The medieval commune of Saint Émilion and its surrounding vineyards produce some of the finest wines in France. For a more in-depth look into the wine history of the region, though, I’d recommend visiting the Cité du Vin in central Bordeaux. A wine museum housed in a striking architectural building, this museum won’t disappoint even the most dedicated of oenophiles. The building is designed to represent wine entering a glass when you pour it, and it also has one of the largest wine collections for sale that I’ve ever seen.




Architectural wonders

Bordeaux is so much more than wine, and the thing that really surprised me about the city was just how beautiful the architecture is. It’s also a very walkable city, so there’s no limit to how much beautiful architecture you can experience. Former Prime Minister Alain Juppée has been the mayor of Bordeaux for quite some time now, and has invested a lot of money cleaning up the city. The result is a charming city, and a great place to spend a night or two before you head off out into the surrounding vineyards. 


Delicious dishes

The main reason that I wanted to visit Bordeaux was the food. Every Sunday, there is a wonderful market full of fresh produce held along the riverfront. The highlight for me was the scrumptious oysters from Arcachon. If you’re a fan of oysters, we can even arrange a visit to one of the local oyster farms alongside a private guide. The reward at the end of the tour is well worth it – a fact which my taste buds can definitely attest to!


If you'd like to follow in Alex's footsteps and discover Bordeaux, get in touch with us today.