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Latin America’s Most Stunning Landscapes

Written by
Jennifer Richt, Emily Opie, Lily Bunker & Jacob Jewitt-Jalland

When it comes to breathtaking scenery, Latin America is difficult to top.

Whether you're looking to hike in Torres del Paine or relaxing on a beach in Brazil, this part of the world has it all.

Here are some of Latin America's most romantic landscapes, that will help make any honeymoon out of this world.


Atacama Desert, Chile

Chile’s Atacama Desert is one of the most arresting landscapes in the world. Aside from Antarctica, it is the driest desert on earth. The scenery is stark and barren, but incredibly dramatic, with features ranging from crusty salt pans to snow-capped volcanoes, with steaming geysers and bizarre rock formations in between.

Atacama Desert, Chile

Take advantage of the solitude the desert offers (follow our tips for the best way to explore the Atacama) and take in this awe-inspiring scenery in a hot air balloon at sunrise. You’ll be hard-pressed find a better way to start your day.

Chile's Atacama Desert
Sunset over Atacama
Argentina Lake District

Lake District, Argentina

The Lake District of Argentina is one of those classically beautiful places that looks more like a painting than real life, the type of scene that the Romantic poets were referring to when they wrote of the sublime in nature. Mirror-like lakes and dramatic peaks are surrounded by thick emerald green forests, a combination that has led to it being referred to as the ‘Argentine Switzerland’.


A hike around the Lake District, in the northwest of Patagonia, is the perfect spot for taking those honeymoon or family photographs that you’ll have framed on the wall for years to come.

Argentina Lake District
The stunning Lake District

Sacred Valley, Peru

This ancient valley is set in the Peruvian Andes, running between Macchu Picchu and Cusco. Within the valley of rolling grassy meadows and rugged slopes beneath the towering foothills of the Andes lie villages and markets, interspersed by ancient Inca citadels such as Ollantaytambo.

Salt pans in Maras, The Sacred Valley, Peru
The salt pans in Maras, The Sacred Valley.

Trekking around the peaceful Sacred Valley affords superb, breathtaking views and a fascinating insight into ancient Incan culture. Plus, it’s one of Peru’s most mystical landscapes, and no trip to the country is complete without it.

Dusk over the Sacred Valley, Peru
Dusk over the Sacred Valley

Iguassu Falls, Brazil

Barely needing an introduction, Iguassu Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. Straddling the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, Iguassu Falls is actually made up of 275 individual falls along a near three-kilometre stretch of the Parana River.

Iguassu Falls, Brazil

Despite the fact that these are not the world’s largest waterfalls nor the biggest in volume, the beauty of the falls makes them a “must do” if you’re anywhere nearby. We can organise a cruise through the falls before the park opens to the public, so you can explore them in peace.

Iguassu Falls viewpoint
Iguassu Falls viewpoint

Ponta dos Ganchos, Brazil

On its own private peninsula, Ponta dos Ganchos is only 40 kilometres away from Florianópolis, but it could be a million miles away. White sand and blue-green water rings the edges of the verdant peninsula, and if you should tire of the sea, there’s the tropical rainforest to be explored.

Ponta Dos Ganchos, Brazil

Privacy in incredible surroundings is the order of the day here. Step out onto your bungalow’s balcony and take in the idyllic sea view: it doesn’t get much better than this.

Ponta dos Ganchos, Brazil
Sunset at Ponta dos Ganchos

Wine Region, Chile

Just outside Santiago, the Wine Region is not only admired for its excellent wines, but also for its outstanding beauty. Rows of sun-bleached golden green grape vines cover the land, backed by craggy hills, and the sunny, dry climate means there’s rarely a cloudy day.



Nothing is more relaxing than world-class wining and dining in a glorious setting. Try going at the end of March to witness the famous grape harvesting season, when the local towns are alive celebrating the year’s yield. It’s quite an experience.

Chile Flag wooden sign with winery background
Looking for wine country

Placencia, Belize

The small country of Belize is surprisingly full of fascinating landscapes, from dense animal-filled jungles to awe-inspiring beaches. Placencia falls into the latter category: pristine white beaches and turquoise waters that will have you forgetting what city life is like.


A stay at Francis Ford Coppola’s Turtle Inn is the ultimate way to enjoy the area. The laid back vibe and lazy days out at sea allow you to truly escape from the world and spend quality time with your travel companions.

Torres del Paine, Chile

Torres del Paine, one of Chile’s most famous landscapes, is also one of the most  stunning landscapes in the world. Lagoons, icebergs, fjords, snow-capped mountains and rushing rivers are just some of the features of this unique landscape, and you’ll spend your days here in true awe of your surroundings.

Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

The region offers some of the best hiking in the world; it was made for adventure lovers. And, of course, it’s peppered with stunning luxury accommodation to relax in after a long day of exploring. It’s the ultimate destination if your idea of a holiday involves spectacular scenery and unforgettable adventure.

Torres del Paine, Chile

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