Encountered where the Andean highlands run down to the Pacific coastline, set amid tumbling hills blanketed in exuberant rainforest and home to diverse and abundant wildlife, hidden here are some of Ecuador’s most stunning and delicate cloud forests. The area of Chocó (Tumbez-Choco-Darien) is a particularly rewarding location, stretching all the way from Panama and through Colombia and Ecuador, this bioregion is home to thriving ecosystems which are relied upon by thousands of species.

For many, Ecuador is not a country at the forefront when it comes to exploring and discovering cloud forests, ensuring that experiences here can feel very unique and delightfully exclusive. Set a few hours to the north west of Ecuador’s capital, Quito, visitors can swap hustle, bustle and history for the mesmerising flora and fauna of one of the country’s most biodiverse regions. Home to over 500 species of bird, thousands of species of orchid, numerous mammals and many colourful reptiles, this is a nature lover’s haven, best explored during day and night walking trails.

Beyond the obvious lure of the fascinating nature that resides amid Ecuador’s cloud forests, the landscapes here also promise rewarding adventure opportunities. From climbing observation towers and swimming beneath waterfalls, to riding canopy zip lines and darting along mountain bike trails, there are countless ways to discover and absorb these breathtaking surroundings.

When to go

All year round is fine, and temperatures remain constant around 20°c (68°f).


What to do

  • Wildlife expeditions
  • Nature excursions
  • Hiking
  • Swimming in waterfalls and rivers

Accommodation in The Cloud Forests

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