Peru and the Galápagos Luxury Tour

Duration 16 days
Price guide
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Ancient Inca village set in the mountains of Peru, surrounded by rolling clouds
Lone traveller looking out over the clear azure waters of San Cristobal, the Galapagos
A pair of giant tortoises in the Galapagos, Ecuador
Discover the incredible highlights of both Peru and Ecuador on this stunning 16 day luxury adventure. Start in the coastal capital of Lima before heading to the heights of the Andes, where you’ll visit Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. Continue your beautiful trip to Quito, a UNESCO world heritage city, brimming with history and culture. Finally, journey to the natural wonder that is the Galápagos Islands to get up close to some of the world's most fascinating wildlife.

Trip highlights

  • Visit the Andean village of Patacancha
  • Explore the breathtaking citadel of Machu Picchu
  • Discover Cusco with a local guide
  • Marvel at the UNESCO city of Quito
  • Meet incredible wildlife on the Galápagos Islands

Bespoke trips with Jacada

We design one-of-a-kind journeys incorporating luxury in all its forms. Our bespoke trips include:

  • Luxury accommodation throughout
  • Private transfers
  • Private tours and experiences
  • Full support from your travel designer and concierge
  • Help with restaurant recommendations and reservations
Black and white illustration of two guides pointing to a building in the distance
  • Days 1–2 Lima
  • Days 2–4 Sacred Valley
  • Days 4–5 Machu Picchu
  • Days 5–8 Cusco
  • Days 8–10 Quito
  • Days 10–15 The Galápagos Islands
Peru and the Galápagos Luxury Tour
Price guide
  • Days 1–2 Lima
  • Days 2–4 Sacred Valley
  • Days 4–5 Machu Picchu
  • Days 5–8 Cusco
  • Days 8–10 Quito
  • Days 10–15 The Galápagos Islands

Itinerary in detail

Every Jacada trip is tailored to your personal preferences and interests. Below you’ll find a sample itinerary to inspire your own custom-designed journey.

Days 1–2

One night in Lima

Enjoy Lima, the capital of Peru, known particularly for its excellent cuisine and good museums, as well as the historic down-town areas. Your travel designer can arrange a tour for you should you wish and you’ll have all of our recommendations at hand for the best things to see and do and the best places to eat, to make the very most of your stay in the city.

Aerial panorama of the modern coastline of Circuito de Playas de la Costa Verde (Lima, Peru)
Days 2–4

Two days exploring the Sacred Valley

Spend your days relaxing and exploring the incredible Sacred Valley. It’s a great place to experience the beautiful scenery and culture of Peru. With your own private guide visit vibrant markets, lesser known Inca ruins and get the chance to hike into the mountains to traverse the routes once trodden by the ancient Incas. 


The Andes Mountains of the Sacred Valley, Peru, drenched in the light of golden hour

Make it mine

Remote community

Bustling town

Steaming pot used in the traditional process of dyeing alpaca fur to make yarn for weaving with two Patacanchan people with their finished weaves out of focus in the background, Sacred Valley, Peru

The Patacancha Community

Immerse yourself in the Patacancha community, gaining insights into their way of life. Countless villages in the valley have upheld the customs and heritage of their ancestors, tracing their lineage back to the time of the Incas. These traditions encompass agriculture, weaving, language and attire. Conclude with lunch at a local restaurant.

Dreamcatchers hanging from a stall at the weekend market in Pisac, Peru

Pisac Market

Marvel at the ancient Incan agricultural terraces that still clearly cut their rows into the surrounding hillsides on your way to the quaint market town of Pisac. Once here you will have the opportunity to shop at local handicrafts stalls for trinkets, textiles and treasures.

Days 4–5

One night at incredible Machu Picchu

Discover Machu Picchu citadel, marvelling at the fascinating ancient ruins and jaw-dropping scenery of misty cloud forests, granite peaks and dramatic viewpoints. Climb mountains, find hidden corners and let your guide bring Incan history to life.

Panoramic view of Machu Picchu, Cusco - Peru

Make it mine



Llamas at first light at Machu Picchu, Peru

A private exploration of Machu Picchu

After your train ride to Machu Picchu you’ll have lunch and then make your way further up the mountain to the ancient Machu Picchu Citadel. Your expert guide will bring the ruins to life, detailing the history, significance and myths as well as taking you to the hidden corners and best viewpoints. Spend your afternoon at leisure or continue exploring Machu Picchu before spending the night in your hotel of choice.

Traveller standing on a rock overlooking Machu Picchu, Peru

Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain

Afer a night at Machu Picchu you can return to the ruins again or take the opportunity to climb either Huayna Picchu, a steep climb with brilliant views, or Machu Picchu Mountain, a more meandering but longer climb, also delivering a privileged vantage point. Both climbs are not technically difficult but may you leave you huffing and puffing; undoubtedly worth it for the breathtaking vistas.

Days 5–8

Three days in charming Cusco

Enjoy the beautiful city and UNESCO World Heritage site of Cusco. You’ll have our list of recommendations as well as private guides on hand to enjoy the best of this beautiful city. We can arrange a number of private, interest-led tours and also reserve the very best restaurants for you. Your personal travel designer will be able to recommend activities that are most suitable to your interests.

Morning sun rising over the mountains at Plaza de Armas, Cusco, City

A comprehensive discovery of Cusco

Ruins of an ancient Inca stronghold near Cusco, Peru

An tailormade tour of Cusco and nearby ruins

Your private guide will lead you through the city, stopping at the most interesting highlights and tailoring your day to suit your own interests. Typically your day will start at the Santo Domingo convent monastery, previously the Koricancha Temple, devoted to the worship of the sun. According to the chronicles, it was covered in gold leaf and filled with golden representations of nature. Your next stop will be the Plaza de Armas and the Cathedral. Then, hop into your private vehicle to drive into the countryside just outside Cusco to visit the remarkable Inca ruins of Sacsayhuaman, the temple and amphitheatre of Kenko, and the Red Fortress of Puca Pucara.

Fruit stand at San Pedro Market in Cusco

San Pedro market tour with your private guide

During your time in Cusco, with our guide, pay a visit to the city’s central market, a wonderful way to discover the Andean culture and daily life. This vibrant spot, with its dazzling displays of fresh produce and fascinating local products, could keep you entertained for hours.

Days 8–10

Two days in Quito

Explore Ecuador’s capital, Quito, the first ever UNESCO World Heritage city. You’ll have our list of recommendations and our wonderful private guides will be on hand to help you enjoy the best of this historical city and contemporary hub. We can arrange a number of private, interest-led tours and also make sure you have a table booked at the very best restaurants.

Panoramic view of the architecture of Quito, Ecuador

Explore Quito

Quito local surrounded by their fresh local produce, Ecuador

Spend a day living like a local in Quito

This private tour will bring to life the capital’s historic quarter, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, allowing to go beyond the mere ‘bricks and mortar’ and get a true feel for Quiteños. Your local guide will lead you on foot into neighbourhoods, sharing their first-hand insights into the history, livelihoods, traditions, stories, beliefs and cuisine. Experience the lively market of San Francisco and wander down to the restored street of La Ronda where you’ll learn about chocolate-making from a Swiss-Ecuadorian confectioner family. A lunch of Ecuadorian specialities will be served before visiting the Casa del Alabado archaeological museum and the city’s best viewpoints in the afternoon.

Days 10–15

Four nights cruising the Galápagos Islands

A truly unique wildlife haven, the Galápagos Islands are perhaps the only place in the world where you can see wildlife so close up. Spend your time cruising and exploring on your choice of Jacada’s selected luxury expedition cruises. The exact itinerary will depend on your own preferences, our travel designers will help you choose which suits you best. Whether you’re looking for an ultra private experience on a luxury yacht or would prefer to join a larger expedition, we’ve selected the very best yachts for you to choose from.

During your cruise your expert naturalist guide will lead you on panga rides, nature walks, snorkeling and kayaking activities, helping you to become fully immersed in the marine wildlife and the astonishing geology on land.

Sea lions lazing on the golden sands of Santa Fe in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador