Latin America's curious and captivating island

Cuba has been somewhat of an enigma for over 50 years and despite there being less than 400km between Havana and Miami, it has always felt like a distant land. The country’s turbulent past has earnt it a place in history books the world over and it is with an innate sense of curiosity that travellers come to this Caribbean island.

A trip to Cuba is one that will ignite the senses. From the faded grandeur of Havana and the colourful colonial city of Trinidad, to the patchwork of tobacco fields in Vinales and the powder-white sands of the Caribbean coast, it is a country that seems to have it all. Couple this with a population whose love for music and for life itself is contagious, and you’ve got an island nation unlike anywhere else.

Words like revolution and embargo have come to dominate conversations about this Caribbean island, and there are constant reminders of the impact both these historic events have had. Walking through the streets of its cities and villages can feel like stepping back in time: there are no billboards advertising the latest fizzy drink, a lack of internet connection means smartphones are few and far between, buildings in the cities are in dire need of restoration, and in the countryside oxen plough the fields and horse drawn carts are still the favoured mode of transport.

Whilst all of this makes Cuba one of the world’s most fascinating destinations, it is also a country with its eyes looking firmly to the future. Recent developments in its relationship with America and the explosion of privately-run restaurants and casa particulares demonstrate a desire for change. However, there is a strong sense that Cuba must not lose its spirit that makes it so undeniably special.

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Design and planning of the trip was well prepared and monitored. Local guides were well equipped and well presented. Variety of dinning experiences and different kinds of food added to the taste of the trip. It was an excellent service. If the price could be lowered a bit, it would be super.

Published 13th November 2019 on Trustpilot

Where to go

Need to Know

  • is the local time
  • Cuban Peso is the local currency
  • Havana is the capital city
  • Ropa vieja is Cuba's national dish

When to go

Cuba has a tropical climate and you can expect warmth and sunshine for most of the year. The dry season runs from November to mid-April and is widely considered the best time to go. May to October is the wet season, characterised by short, sharp showers and high humidity.