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When is the Best Time to Visit Patagonia?

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Emily Opie, Jennifer Richt & Jacob Jewitt-Jalland

Generally speaking, the best time to visit Patagonia is during the summer months of December-February.

Across the region, which stretches through southern parts of Chile and Argentina, temperatures reach a slightly warmer 15°C.

It is worth remembering that different areas located in the vast expanse of Patagonia do differ in climate. Coastal regions are wetter and milder, whilst further inland it is drier but cooler.

See whales and wildlife off the coast all year round.

December - February
Sealife & Wildlife
All year round
May - September
Chilean Patagonia meadows Torres Del Paine

Climate & seasons in Patagonia



In the southern hemisphere, the summer months last from November to February. These are typically also the best months to visit Patagonia when the weather is at its warmest. It is a perfect time to enjoy the balmier temperatures of around 10-15°C. During these months, it is possible to easily partake in many of the adventure sports on offer. Kayaking, mountain biking and horse riding, wildlife observation and (of course) hiking are all very popular. This is also the time when the winds are at their strongest, occasionally reaching gusts of 120mp, and crowds are at their most dense.



During the winter, although the skies are striking, making for a stunning backdrop, the temperatures are perishing (-10°C to 0°C) and many of the lodges are closed, especially in areas such as Torres del Paine - one of the main attractions of Patagonia. The adverse conditions also make it a more dangerous time for hiking. That said, however, there are plenty of skiing options in Patagonia for the experienced skier and those equipped to handle cold weather.

Puma Tierra Patagonia

Shoulder seasons in Patagonia

Another good time to go is in shoulder season, either the spring months of September/October or the autumn months of March/April. The winds are not as severe at this time and the leaves are either turning a beautiful burnt orange colour or starting to blossom.


This only enhances the incredible natural beauty of the area, making it a perfect destination to photograph as well as simply hike around. The crowds are also beginning to clear during these months and travel is generally a little cheaper than in peak season. As the temperatures are still cold, hovering around 5°C, skiing in Patagonia in September is common.

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