Hanna Fischer

Travel Designer

Growing up with two different mentalities is probably one of the reasons for my interest in multicultural relations and also maybe led to my passion for travelling and getting to know other cultures and countries. During my studies I took every chance I could to go abroad and not only explore a country but actually living there for some time – by far the most valuable experiences of my life. To me, it’s such a huge difference if you stay in a country and call it home for a certain time. The things you discover and the experiences you make go much deeper and I am grateful that I was able to live in Argentina, South Africa, Spain, Canada and now the UK.

I have this adventure spirit and am always trying new things and get excited to visit new places – but my ‘must visit’ list keeps growing and growing! I believe to be able to have outstanding moments and experiences, sometimes you have to jump head first into cold water – and I like the unexpected, the thrill and excitement that comes with leaving your comfort zone.

Coming from a small village in Germany I now consider myself a true global citizen with friends and connections all over the world and not one specific place to call home. What I love about Europe is the richness of culture, art and languages and the extraordinary diversity in a rather small area.

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