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With its snow-covered forests, dancing northern lights and breath-taking scenery, Sweden is the perfect place to start your new adventure together. On this magical honeymoon, you’ll start with two nights exploring the historic city of Stockholm, taking in the sights and getting a taste for Swedish culture.

Then you’ll head out into Swedish Lapland via Luleå City and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Gammelstad Church Town. You’ll be welcomed to the luxuriously cosy Logger’s Lodge with champagne and chocolate before spending some time in the wood-fired sauna and outdoor Jacuzzi. Each evening you’ll enjoy a three-course dinner, and have the chance to go out looking for the northern lights if the weather is suitable. Your time at Logger’s Lodge will be a combination of simply relaxing and enjoying the solitude, and getting out and about for a bit of Arctic exploring.

Get a lesson in photographing the northern lights, enjoy a Nordic ski outing, and go on an exciting dog sled ride. You will also venture out into Storforsen Nature Reserve and take a short walk to the largest rapid in northern Europe. Finally, you’ll have the chance to spend some time with Lars Eriksson and his family and learn about Sami culture over a traditional lunch, followed by a stop at the Arctic Circle Monument and a snow-shoe walk through the forest.

Example trip itinerary

Days 1-3


Flights & transfers


Private transfer to your hotel in Stockholm

Accommodation in Stockholm

Two nights in Stockholm Two nights in Stockholm

Enjoy your days exploring Stockholm, Sweden's beautiful capital. Set over 14 islands, it's a place of water and greenery as much as the urban, a place where centuries of history meet the constant forward thinking nature of its near 1 million inhabitants. As well as fine museums, trend-setting restaurants and vibrant nightclubs, a short cruise out of the city will find you among the thousands of beautiful islands that make up the Stockholm archipelago, making this a city that feels surprisingly outdoorsy.

Stockholm highlights Stockholm highlights

On this tour, you'll get to see some of the city's most popular highlights, including the Vasa Museum, the Royal Palace and the City Hall. At the Vasa Museum, you'll get to marvel at the remnants of a wreck, which lay at the bottom of the ocean for some 333 years. Next, you'll breathe in the fresh air as you wander down hidden alleyways between medieval buildings in Gamla Stan (the old town). Pop into the Royal Palace of Stockholm and see the state apartments, pass by the cathedral, and discover the historic Stortorget and Mårten Trotzigs Gränd alleyways. Then you'll end the tour with glimpses of some of Stockholm's city districts, like Södermalm, Djurgården, Norrmalm and Östermalm.

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Flight from Stockholm to Luleå

Private transfer to your lodge Private transfer to your lodge

You will be transferred to Logger's Lodge via Luleå City and Gammelstad Church Town with drinks and snacks in the car. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gammelstad is the best-preserved example of a type of town that was once widespread throughout northern Scandinavia.

Days 3-8

Swedish Lapland

Accommodation in Swedish Lapland

Five nights in Swedish Lapland Five nights in Swedish Lapland

Reindeer stand proud beneath snow heavy trees, the night skies dance with iridescent shades of green and purple and locals and visitors alike shares stories in cosy eateries and bars. Swedish Lapland is a magical place filled with natural wonder, folklore and a rich cultural heritage. One of Sweden’s largest nature reserves, Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve, is located here. The reserve is largely made up of several Scandinavian mountains, valleys and waterways. It is believed that the area was populated by the ancestors of today’s Sami from about 9000 years ago. The reserve is popular with hikers in both summer and winter, with one of the most well-known routes being the Kungsleden trail. Visitors to the area can learn about Sami reindeer herding, hunting and fishing.

Logger's Lodge: Sauna experience Logger's Lodge: Sauna experience

Spend some time relaxing in the wood-fired sauna and soak under the stars in the outdoor Jacuzzi.

Logger's Lodge: Northern lights photography Logger's Lodge: Northern lights photography

Learn how to photograph the Aurora Borealis and experience the Arctic winter night in all its beauty. The sensor of a camera is more sensitive than the naked eye when it comes to capturing these beautiful lights, and if the solar activity is low, a photograph can sometimes be the only way to see the phenomenon. You will be set up with a tripod and a DSLR camera and be given tips on how to capture the night sky and take the special images home with you on your memory card.

Logger's Lodge: Nordic ski touring Logger's Lodge: Nordic ski touring

This is the classic way to move in the snow and experience the winter landscape. You will get to ski with stable wooden skis and glide silently over the snow like the Sami people have done for years. If you are a beginner you will learn the basics, as you ski on flat ground at a slow pace, taking regular breaks. Food, drinks and local delicacies will be served around the campfire to keep you warm and full of energy. This is an opportunity for you to get close to and learn about the Arctic nature while gently exercising your whole body.

Logger's Lodge: Dogsled tour Logger's Lodge: Dogsled tour

Experience the winter landscape as you drive your own team of sled dogs behind the guide team. You will stop halfway to enjoy some refreshments around the open fire. Then you will head back to the start point where you will help to unharness the dogs. The tour includes a safety briefing, instructions on handling the dogs and time to meet the puppies.

Storforsen Nature Reserve Storforsen Nature Reserve

Today you will visit Storforsen Nature Reserve to see the largest rapid in northern Europe. Even in extreme cold, the water does not freeze here. Your guide will drive you through the forest along a small gravel road, giving you time to see if you can spot the wildlife between the trees. Once you arrive at Storforsen, you will take an easy 2km nature walk at your own pace along wooden walkways upstream and close to the rapid. You guide will then lead you to a warm fire where you will enjoy an organic meal prepared on a traditional Muurikka pan.

Logger's Lodge: Sami culture and Arctic Circle visit Logger's Lodge: Sami culture and Arctic Circle visit

Pay a visit to Lars Eriksson whose family has lived in remote Flakaberg as Sami’s for seven generations. You will meet his reindeers and Lars will tell you stories about his native lifestyle. This will give you unique insights into the Sami culture. In Lars' cabin, you’ll be served a lunch made by his wife Anette. On the way back you will drive to the Arctic Circle Monument and walk the last 200 m through the old-growth forest on snowshoes.

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