The Bismarck and Solomon Seas lap at Papua New Guinea‘s northern coast, their tropical turquoise waters rich in marine life. For ocean lovers, underwater exploration doesn’t get much better than this.

Dotted along the coast are rias, narrow inlets similar to fjords but carved from volcanoes. Densely forested fingers of land separate pools of inky water which turn shades of aquamarine and sapphire towards the edge. These sheltered bays are home to incredible coral formations and colourful shoals of fish and the still waters make them ideal for snorkelling and kayaking.

Keen divers won’t be disappointed either, with barrier reefs, coral walls and sea grass beds all ripe for exploration. There are even a hanfdul of wrek dive sites where you’ll find ships, aircrafts and submarines from WWII that have lain at the bottom of the ocean for over 70 years.

While this underwater playground is a draw for many, there is a lot to be said for simply relaxing on land, too. Beautiful landscapes, epic sunsets and the feeling of contentment that comes from simply being by the water is reason enough the visit Papua New Guinea‘s extraordinary coast.

The is also one of Papua New Guinea‘s most culturally diverse areas where ancient beliefs and traditional ceremonies are still very much a part of everyday life. Being welcomed by a sing sing and getting a glimpse of one of the country’s many fascinating cultures is not something you won’t forget in a hurry.

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