Papua New Guinea‘s interior is one of rugged mountain peaks and deep valleys, where coffee plantations blanket the hillsides and waterfalls crash into rapidly running rivers below.

Its lush forests are home to a startling array of birdlife from the famous bird of paraside to the lesser known but equally beautiful crested berrypecker and  black breasted boatbill. The Highlands are a hiker’s paradise with trails that wind their way through the verdant landscape with plenty of opportunities for wildlife spotting along the way.

It is here that you’ll find Papua New Guinea‘s highests mountains, with many of their jagged peaks soaring in excess of 13,000ft. The highest point is Mount Wilhelm and from the top you are rewarded with spectacular views out across the country.

The Highlands are also a great place to get taste of local life. This is one of Papua New Guinea’s most densely populated areas and in lots of places, little has changed in centuries. Highlanders are fiercely proud people and each clan has its own culture to protect, and many ancient traditions are beliefs are still practiced.  However, like many places, Papua New Guinea is a country that is changing but for now, this is the best place to experience its true heart and soul.

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