Untouched wilderness, rich cultural traditions and incredible history – the islands of Papua New Guinea are truly remarkable. Incorporating the Bismark Archipelago and the North Solomon islands, this is one of the country’s most sparsely populated areas and one of the most rewarding to visit.

Lush rainforest, craggy mountains and volcanoes combine to create some of Papua New Guinea‘s most striking landscapes. Those who love to get out and explore are in for a treat with excellent trekking options that take you through the Bainings Mountains.

The island of New Britain is covered in both active and dormant volcanoes. While the dormant ones can be climbed, those that expel clouds of smoke and ash provide a dramatic backdrop to the island and are a stark reminder of the power of mother nature. Tavurvur, which largely destroyed the nearby town of Rabaul in 1994, is surrounded by steaming hot pools that bubble amongst the fiery orange rock.

East New Britain is also where you’ll find almost 600km of tunnels built by the Japanese during WWII, tank wreks and an old wartime hospital carved into the rocks. Keen divers will also want to head down to the submarines and aircrafts that lay on the floor of the ocean. You don’t have to have a dive qualification to enjoy the waters surrounding the islands. Pop on a mask and explore a colourful world of coral formations, paddle through crystak clear lagoons and swim with playful spinner dolphins.

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