Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

​Nyasi Migrational Camp

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the African wilderness

Mobile camp always based in game-rich areas

Immerse yourself in the unbelievable beauty of the African wilderness at Nyasi Camp. Tucked away in the cool shade of acacia trees you’re invited to unwind and drink in all the rich landscape has to offer. Herds of wildebeest make the iconic Great Migration travelling a never-ending circuit from the southern Serengeti in Tanzania towards the Mara River, and back again. Nyasi Camp is perfectly situated in the Serengeti and moves with the migration so you never miss any action.

Operating as a seasonal camp across two locations within the Serengeti, Nyasi consists of eight en-suite tents and a family tent. Inside the tents you’ll find natural linens and textures inspired by the earthy colours and characteristics of your surroundings. Inspired by the peace of the Serengeti, the interiors have been designed to help you feel connected to nature and the ever-moving migration. Enjoy socialising and relaxing in the shared lounge and take your meals within private settings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is also the option to take one side of the camp for yourselves – perfect for groups or families.

Head out with your expert guide for game viewing on a private open vehicle to discover the mighty migration and the multitude of other wildlife that wander these savannahs. Safaris for children can also be arranged. If you stay in the south you can enjoy nighttime safaris, walking safaris and authentic cultural experiences. For those who stay in the north you can adventure on hot air balloon safaris, at an extra charge.


Game drives

Hot air ballooning in the north (with a surcharge)

Bush dining

Safaris for children

Cultural experiences in the south

Night Game Drives in the south

Walking Safaris in the south

Eight double tents and one family tent each

Private open game viewing vehicle

Private dining settings

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Places to combine​ Nyasi Migrational Camp with

Interior of bedroom at Lamai Serengeti, twin beds with mosquito nets and sofa, open sides with view of the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Serengeti National Park

Lamai Serengeti
Lamai Serengeti Lodge has a pride of place up on a kopje overlooking the vast open Serengeti plains towards the Maasai Mara in Kenya. With just 12 delightfully stylish rooms all perched in, around and on top of the rock, you will be extremely well catered for and feel heartened by this little bit of paradise. Ideally placed to catch sightings of the migration as it attempts to cross the Mara River (July to October), this lodge offers you an experience that is highly sought after in relation to the epic journey of these fantastic beasts. The northern Serengeti, which is where Lamai is perfectly located, is a rather different world to the southern part of the park. With a continuous supply of lush foliage to munch on, the plains game in this area rarely needs to move on in search for greener pastures. This in turn means that the predators don’t have to leave the sanctuary of their territories to hunt and they remain rather smug in the areas around the lodge. Although leopards have a larger territorial space to traverse, they don’t need to exhaust themselves and can sometimes be seen elusively stalking among the kopjes that are so typical of this part of the Serengeti. Not far from the main lodge is a smaller, more private and exclusive lodge which has four rooms and neither lodge has any idea they exist. Each camp has its own pool, dining and lounge areas. Both are classically designed and made to completely fit in with their surroundings. Making use of the rocks they are built on, the rooms are a mix of canvas and more sturdy materials and have spectacular views from on high. Each has its own private viewing deck and veranda for those spectacular sundowners.

Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge
Perched up high on the edge of this remarkable natural wonder, the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge holds a prime position. With views spanning the spectacular caldera, you can enjoy a relaxing visit to this otherwise bustling attraction and dip into a world that’s the permanent home to roughly 25,000 animals. The huge amounts of game that find sanctuary here roam over 20 kilometres on the crater floor and this allows for some excellent game viewing opportunities. Prides of bachelor lions are sometimes seen spanning the landscape, on the hunt for their own families and, dotted among the plains game, you might be lucky enough to spot a rhino in the distance. Morning and afternoon game drives are taken by highly experienced guides with visits to the nearby Olduvai Gorge available when vehicle occupancy allows. The crater itself can get quite busy but there’s a peaceful quiet that flows through the rooms, social areas and outside spaces of the lodge. North and South Camp both have twelve beautiful suites and the Tree Camp, slightly set apart from the others, has just six. Raised up on stilts, these rooms are all tastefully decorated with Tanzanian hardwoods and silk curtains which make the rooms cosy and warm; the ridge can get quite nippy, after all. The dining areas have viewing decks and comfortable indoor lounges which are ideal for catching up on some midday afternoon reading, or ticking off the birds that you might have seen so far. You could also decide to have a relaxing massage in your room, and completely pamper yourself.