The pretty valley of Paro is one of the kingdom’s widest and is covered in fertile rice fields crisscrossed by a beautiful meandering river. While Bhutan is famous for its splendid monuments and monasteries, perhaps the most impressive can be found here. You’ll encounter the “Tiger’s Nest” Monastery, medieval style-bridges, imposing dzongs and a town filled with traditional architecture.

The main street of the town was only built in 1985 but it’s lined with cheerfully painted wooden shop fronts and restaurants in a classic Bhutanese style. Facing up the mountain, you’ll be awed by the 8th-century Taktsang or “Tiger’s Nest” Monastery, perched high on the sheer cliff face. Just outside of the town, lie both the dominating Paro Dzong – a prime example of Bhutanese architecture, and the 7th-century Kyichu Lhakhang which was one of the first Buddhist temples built in the country.

Paro is home to the National Museum, previously the watch tower of the city, which houses an intriguing collection of artefacts illustrating the rich culture and heritage of the kingdom. It’s also the most convenient location for accessing the country’s only international airport.

What to do

  • Trekking
  • Visit Ugyenpelri Palace
  • See the "Tiger's Nest" Monastery
  • Visit the National Museum of Bhutan housed in the Ta Dzong

Accommodation in Paro

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