Luxury Tours in Lake Kivu

Rwanda's answer to a riviera. Picturesque and charming

Lake Kivu is more or less Rwanda’s answer to a Riviera. The sixth largest of the African Great Lakes has a pleasant and friendly atmosphere brought about by its small fishing villages, sandy bays, sloping plantations and is only an hour from Volcanoes National Park.

Gisenyi in the north is the old colonial beach resort and town where you’ll find the best hotels and languishing old mansions. Kibuya is arguably the prettiest, and Cyangugu in the south is an old border town.

Exploring the area by hiking or driving between the towns is the best way to encounter Lake Kivu, as you will always be greeted by friendly locals along the way and the scenery is very picturesque. Other activities to pass the time are water sports activities on the lake such as kayaking and wind surfing.

What to do

  • Walking, trekking and driving excursions
  • Lake fishing, swimming, boating