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  • Every trip helps support Conservation

  • Every detail taken care of

Suggested places to visit

Itinerary highlights

  • Take a guided tour through the ancient city of Jerash
  • Delve into the secrets of the Arabic kitchen and help to prepare a sumptuous feast
  • Join an expert archaeologist for a tour of the spectacular ancient site of Petra
  • Go on an exhilarating Jeep tour through the magnificent desert at Wadi Rum
  • Explore all the Dead Sea region has to offer at your leisure

What's included

  • Full support from your Travel Concierge before, during and after your trip
  • Private tours and experiences focused around Jordan's history and culture
  • Expert guides in each destination
  • Luxury accommodation throughout
  • Meet and greet airport service
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At a glance

Head out on a 10-day adventure through Jordan, experiencing the sights, sounds and flavours of this incredible country. Your exploration begins in Amman where you’ll have a few days to start to get to know Jordan. Spend time with a member of the speaker’s bureau and learn about modern Jordan as well as its history and people. You’ll also get to spend a full day exploring the ancient city of Jerash which is one of the best preserved cities of the Roman Empire. While in Amman you’ll have the opportunity to get a taste of the flavours that make this region so special as you join locals to create a delicious Arabic feast. As you leave Amman behind you’ll visit Madaba, a 4000 year old archaeological site. It will soon become clear why it’s known as the ‘City of Mosaics’. You will also stop at Mount Nebo, on which the Prophet Moses is said to have stood looking over into the Promised Land.

The next leg of your journey sees you spend a few days in Petra, exploring the spectacular ancient site. An expert archaeologist will accompany you for a spell here and reveal more of Petra’s fascinating history. You may opt to add an extra special, and highly memorable exclusive dining experience at Petra. And there will also be a visit to nearby Little Petra.

Next, you will travel out to Wadi Rum to experience some authentic Bedouin hospitality. Visit a local home and get stuck in, in the kitchen once more as you learn to cook some more tasty dishes and learn about your hosts’ way of life. And what better way to experience the desert than on an exhilarating Jeep ride across the sands.

Finally, you’ll bring your adventure to a relaxing close near the Dead Sea where rejuvenating treatments and beautiful landscapes await.


Example trip itinerary

Days 1-4


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Private transfer to your hotel in Amman

Your Accommodation in Amman

Expert briefing: Jordan today Expert briefing: Jordan today

Known for its historical monuments and fascinating culture - Jordan’s modern day story is equally as important, and no less fascinating.

Today you will meet with a member of the speaker's bureau who will explain the current state of affairs in Jordan, including the political system, the path to democracy, reformers versus conservatives, the history and evolution of the monarchy, and the impact of the various waves of refugees in Jordan. Your meeting will last around an hour and your speaker, who is either a prominent journalist, risk analyst or think tank expert, will spend the time imparting their deep knowledge on these subjects. This will be a chance to step away from the ruins of the past and probe deeply into the Jordan of today.

Bedouin plays on bagpipes in ancient town Gerasa (Jerash) in Jordan
Jerash guided tour Jerash guided tour

Explore the ancient city of Jerash. A truly incredible site, extremely well preserved and with remains from Neolithic times, as well as Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Umayyad and others. Its history also tells the tale of a remarkably long chain of human occupation.

As one of the best preserved cities of the Roman Empire, visited by Emperor Hadrian 129 AD, it’s possible to walk within the tracks of chariot wheels that are still visible in the paving stones. During your tour today you will be able to walk beneath the imposing south gate and then make your way up the 'Street of Columns' – the Roman road running 600 metres north from the Oval Plaza. And, as you visit the theatres you can imagine the throngs of crowds enjoying dramas unfolding before them.

Arabic Cooking Class in Amman Beit Siti Arabic Cooking Class in Amman Beit Siti

Under the guidance of seasoned and knowledgeable locals, you will delve into the secrets of the Arabic kitchen and master the preparation of a delightful traditional Arabic feast. But the true highlight lies in savouring the fruits of your labour—a delectable meal that you have expertly crafted. All of this unfolds within the warm embrace of a traditional grandmother's house, nestled in the heart of Jabal al Weibdeh, one of Amman's most ancient and cherished neighbourhoods.

Madaba, Jordan, view of the central and largest mosque with high minarets in the ancient city of the Middle East.
Madaba Madaba

Read a map like no other today when you visit the ‘City of Mosaics’ and St George's Church, famous for its ancient mosaic map of the Holy Land. The real name of this city is Madaba, which sits just south of Amman and is in fact a 4000 year old archaeological site. The quantity of the mosaics here is astounding, particularly the creation within the Church of the Apostles which depicts the sea and her creatures.

Mount Nebo Mount Nebo

Visit Mount Nebo today and gaze across to Jerusalem, just 60 kilometres away. The Prophet Moses is said to have stood on Mount Nebo and looking over into the Promised Land, understood that he would not be permitted to enter it. Today Mount Nebo is a memorial site, and the Church of Moses was built by early Christians in honour of the site and has attracted pilgrims since the earliest days of Christianity.

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Private transfer to Petra

Days 4-6


Your Accommodation in Petra

Petra tour Petra tour

Today you will visit Petra - perhaps one of the most stunning and impressive ancient sites which one can visit anywhere in the world today. On arrival at the visitor center our guide will escort you into Petra through the Siq and reveal the highlights of the Nabatean city, including the stunning Treasury. Other sites include the theatre, the tombs and facades and the colonnaded street. Full historical background will be provided, together with information about the Nabatean civilisation. Please bring excellent walking shoes with you as Petra is a large site and a visit to Petra involves a considerable amount of walking.

Petra Archeologist Petra Archeologist

An expert archaeologist will accompany you for a portion of your Petra trip. Your archaeologist will meet you in the centre of Petra, near one of the live restoration or excavation sites like the South Complex or the Winged Lion Temple. You will gain knowledge about the site's history, its use in antiquity, and the prospects for future excavations at this World Heritage Site, which is currently only 16% excavated. This enriching experience will give you a new perspective on Petra and a glimpse into what it might look like in the future. Your archeologist may well share information and insights about new and still unpublished discoveries such as nabatean scrolls, mosaics and frescos.

Exclusive dining experience at Little Petra Exclusive dining experience at Little Petra

Enjoy an exclusive, atmospheric dining experience among the UNESCO world heritage site of Petra this evening As darkness settles over the iconic Petra monuments, one part of the UNESCO world heritage site will come alive, especially for you. Little Petra will be beautifully lit by candles and the monument itself will glimmer with colour; an idyllic backdrop for dinner. As you savour a welcome drink, a local musician will set the scene as a three course meal, including drinks, will be served. Enjoy the view, the atmosphere and the delicious cuisine in complete privacy.

Caved buildings of Little Petra in Siq al-Barid, Wadi Musa, Jordan at daytime
Little Petra Little Petra

Uncover the remarkable ruins of Little Petra today, sitting within a natural gorge with its impressive doorway - enormous and majestic. Step inside to reveal the wonders within the depths from remarkable Nabatean tombs, divinity blocks, cisterns, and dining halls complete with benches and hand washing sinks used for commemorative meals. During the excavations a large number of broken dishes were found, suggesting that breaking dishes was a ritual at the end of commemorative meals inside Little Petra.

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Private transfer to Wadi Rum

Days 6-7

Wadi Rum

Your Accommodation in Wadi Rum

Jordan, The Wadi Rum Desert - tourist visiting the desert
Wadi Rum Jeep Tour Wadi Rum Jeep Tour

Embark on an exhilarating jeep tour through the magnificent desert alongside a knowledgeable local Bedouin guide. Marvel at the endless expanse of golden sands stretching before you, and be mesmerised by the fascinating formations of rocks that punctuate the landscape. As you traverse this breathtaking terrain, take advantage of the opportunity to engage with your guide, delving into his unique way of life, the cherished traditions of the Bedouin culture, and the secrets of desert survival—all of which stand in stark contrast to our own familiar existence.

Bedouin Hospitality in Wadi Rum Bedouin Hospitality in Wadi Rum

Immerse yourself in authentic Arabic culture today as you visit a local home for the chance to chop, cook, learn and dine. You will learn about the Arabic kitchen and how to prepare a traditional Arabic meal with the help of some pretty experienced kitchen hands. Jordan has long been the spice centre of the world and has been pivotal in the spice trade itself. This means that the dishes you cook and learn about today will be jam-packed with these colourful and aromatic additions. As you chop and cook you'll be able to chat with your hosts and learn more about their way of life. After this it will be time to sit together and eat the food that you prepared - a delicious meal.

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Private transfer to the Dead Sea

Days 7-10

Dead Sea

Your accommodation at the Dead Sea

Days at Leisure at the Dead Sea Days at Leisure at the Dead Sea

Whether you want to unwind with luxurious spa treatments and mud baths, or if you're looking for an exhilarating adventure, the Dead Sea has something for everyone. There are beautiful waterfalls and stunning canyons to discover, as well as historical landmarks.

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