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Rock-carved city of ancient wonders

Petra is a captivating destination filled with a rich tapestry of history and archaeological wonders. As you step into this ancient city, you are transported back in time to the fascinating Nabataean Kingdom. The sheer magnitude and intricate craftsmanship of the rock-cut architecture leave an indelible impression, with iconic landmarks like the Treasury and the Monastery standing as testaments to the grandeur of Jordan. Discover the Royal Tombs, marvel at the Roman Theater, and wander through the captivating Street of Facades, with intricately carved tombs and ancient structures.

Beyond its historical allure, Petra offers a plethora of activities. Indulge in exclusive experiences, such as a sumptuous dinner amidst the breathtaking scenery, or partake in a traditional Arabic cooking class, where skilled chefs reveal the secrets of regional culinary delights. Then unwind in elegant boutique accommodations, where impeccable service and amenities ensure a luxurious retreat after days of exploration.


Witness the enchantment of Petra by night, an exclusive experience that unveils the ancient city under the moonlit sky.

Immerse yourself in the art of Arabic cuisine as you partake in a private cooking class, led by an expert chef who will guide you through the secrets of traditional recipes and flavours. 

Tour Petra with a knowledgeable archeologist and gain exclusive insights into the historical significance of each site. 

Discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site of  The Monastery, a monumental rock-cut structure perched high in the hills.

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Jack Beckford

Travel Designer

From the breathtaking architecture of the Treasury to the majestic Monastery, each step in Petra is a testament to the extraordinary craftsmanship of past civilizations. The immersive experience of exploring this UNESCO World Heritage Site is sure to leave a lasting impression and enrich your spirit with a profound sense of wonder.

Jack Beckford

Travel Designer

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