Wadi Rum, Jordan

Discovery Bedu

Luxury tented suites in the middle of the desert

Travel back in time to the Bedouin way of life

Rising from the fiery red sand dunes amidst the vastness of the Wadi Rum Desert, stand the six luxurious tented suites of Discovery Bedu. Inside, the interiors meld cosy home-style with Bedouin dwellings. Each tented suite is a sanctuary of indulgence and comfort, blending seamlessly with the surrounding wilderness while offering modern amenities.  As the night sky unfolds, guests can recline on their private terraces, captivated by the stunning tapestry of stars.

Discovery Bedu tempts the senses with extraordinary culinary experiences that immerse guests in the rich traditions of the Bedouin culture. Choose between their al-fresco seatings or gather around a crackling fire in their traditional Bedouin tent, to savour delectable dishes infused with regional spices and age-old secrets.

Beyond the allure of its accommodations, Discovery Bedu also offers unique experiences. Expert Bedouin guides lead immersive expeditions through the desert, weaving tales of ancient traditions and untold legends that have danced upon the sands for millennia. Guests can also embark on exciting hot air balloon rides or traverse the mesmerising terrains on a foot print walk.


6 Tented suites

Tented kitchen

Bedouin-style tea room

Hot air balloon rides


4x4 drives

Sand boarding

Foot print walks

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