Wadi Rum, Jordan

Hayat Rum

Off-the-beaten-track luxury

Experience the delights of desert glamping in Wadi Rum

Hayat Rum is an exceptional and eco-conscious desert camp nestled amidst the captivating beauty of the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan. Embracing the principles of sustainability, the stay offers a unique and immersive experience that allows guests to connect with nature while treading lightly on the fragile desert ecosystem. The camp’s design seamlessly blends with the desert landscape, ensuring minimal environmental impact and preserving the natural beauty of Wadi Rum.

The camp offers a selection of lodges and tented suites, designed safari-style to maximise your experience of the sights and sounds of the desert. The amenities include private bathrooms and showers, air conditioning and spa bath tubs.

Hayat Rum boasts two restaurants which serve traditional Wadi Rum dishes. You can choose to dine on low Bedouin seating or at authentic Bedouin-style chairs and tables.

A stay here is all about escaping the outside world, immersing yourself in the spectacular scenery, witnessing astounding sunsets and allowing yourself to get lost in the star spattered night skies.


10 tented suites

Private bathrooms and showers

Two restaurants

Starlit dinners

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