Wadi Rum, Jordan

Sun City Camp

A peaceful desert getaway

Panoramic views, tradition and heritage menus

Head into the heart of Wadi Rum‘s stunning desert and you’ll find Sun City Camp, offering you a peace and a spiritually soothing getaway. There are a few accommodation options to choose from to perfectly suit your tastes and requirements. The Martian Dome offers a unique desert experience with panoramic views of the beautiful landscape. The two-bedroom panoramic suite is perfect for families looking for an authentic desert adventure. The panoramic tent and Bedouin tents are cosy and inviting. A stay here gives you a glimpse into the traditions and lives of the people who call this region home.

Delicious meals are served in a geodesic dome where the team of chefs use fresh ingredients to create dishes that showcase Wadi Rum’s heritage. On the menu you’ll find a selection of traditional and international dishes.

There are also a variety of relaxing and adventurous activities to fill your days with. Think hot air balloon rides, star gazing, hiking, climbing and Jeep tours.


Luxury rooms, tents and domes


Hot air ballooning

Star gazing

Hiking, trekking and climbing

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