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Experience the great variety of Argentinean Patagonia from the Beagle Channel and Ushuaia, to the glaciers of Calafate and glistening lakes of Bariloche.

We create fully personalised trips from start to finish. From locations to accommodation and guides, everything is selected to suit you.

We give back to two regional charities from the profits of each one of our trips.

From expert private tours to restaurant reservations, we take care of every detail so you can make the most of your time off.

Use our trip ideas to inspire your bespoke experience

A comprehensive and epic adventure through Argentina’s majestic Patagonian landscapes and natural sights.

From the glistening lakes of Bariloche, the granite peaks of FitzRoy, the magnificent glacier region, to the ‘city at the end of the world’, and the solitary shores of Bahia Bustamante teeming with marine wildlife; this is a journey through some of the planet’s more exceptional scenery.

Matched with perfectly positioned, luxury accommodation throughout, and combined with expert guides and excursions tailored to your specific interests, make this ultimate trip to discover the splendid scenery of Patagonia in style

  • Completely private tours of the Moreno and Upsala glaciers and Estancia Cristina
  • Beagle Channel cruise
  • Train journey to the 'End of the World'
  • Private tour options in Buenos Aires, the Lake District, El Chalten, Ushuaia, Bahia Bustamante and the Pampas
  • Luxury accommodation throughout
  • Meet and greet airport service
  • Full support from your Travel Concierge before, during and after your trip

Trip Itinerary

Days 1-2: Buenos Aires
Flights & Transfers

Private transfer to your hotel in Buenos Aires (from international airport)

Accommodation in Buenos Aires
One day in Buenos Aires

Spend your time relaxing and exploring this wonderful city. You have our top recommendations for activities, restaurants and shopping so that you can make the most of your time here.
Remember we can always organize you one of our privately-guided tours (history, culture, art...) to more specialist excursions such as personal shopping trips, helicopter tours, wine tasting and tango lessons. Feel free to discuss your options with your travel designer.

Flights & Transfers

Private Transfer to Buenos Aires Domestic Airport

Flight from Buenos Aires to Bariloche

Days 2-5: The Lake District
Flights & Transfers

Private transfer to your hotel in the Bariloche Area

Accommodation in The Lake District
Three days exploring the Lake District

Explore the wonderfully scenic lakes area of Argentina from one of our selection of luxury lodgings. Daily excursions and activities will depend on your chosen lodgings, yet most offer plenty of options from mountain biking, boat trips, guided treks, fishing, skiing to simply enjoying the excellent cuisine of the region.

Flights & Transfers

Private transfer to Bariloche Airport

Flight from Bariloche to El Calafate

Days 5-8: El Chalten
Flights & Transfers

Private transfer from El Calafate to El Chalten

Accommodation in El Chalten
Three days in El Chalten

This is the perfect base for some adventure in Patagonia, being one of the premier hiking destinations in South America, with a range of different activities to suit different levels. Speak to your travel designer to create a customised program to suit you.

Flights & Transfers

Private Transfer from El Chalten to your hotel in El Calafate

Days 8-10: El Calafate
Accommodation in El Calafate
Two days Exploring the Glacier Region around El Calafate

It's up to you how you want to spend your time in Argentina's Glacier Region, and we can organise several private or shared tours according to your interests and time should you like to.

Full day private tour of the Perito Moreno Glacier

This is a full day's tour of the magnificent Perito Moreno National Park and its humbling glacier complete with private 4WD vehicle and one of our expert guides.

Beginning with a scenic drive through the National Park followed by an guided-tour along the specially built in walkways facing the glacier, various optional additions can be made to this tour such as the nautical boat safari, minitrekking or Big Ice trekking. Talk to your travel designer about your individual preferences.

Full day's tour of the Upsala glacier and Estancia Cristina

This is a full day’s excursion to see both fronts of the Upsala Glacier, and a well-rounded tour that takes you through lakes and canals to local museums and ice shelters, with the odd adventure activity, to truly embrace the adventure and natural wonders of this region.

Boarding a modern charter boat at the Punta Bandera port you will begin your expedition at around 8.15am with a calm sail among the imposing icebergs and dramatic scenery of the western front of the Upsala glacier. Gliding through the Cristina Canal you will disembark at the Estancia Cristina where there will be a choice of activities from quad biking to horse riding to pass the afternoon including a delicious lunch at the ranch restaurant. For the remainder of the afternoon there is a guided visit to the Costumbrista museum followed by an exciting ascent in all-terrain vehicles through the mountainous roads to arrive at the Continental ice shelter. This is quite a spectacle and deserves a 30-minute walk to take in the vistas and sheer wonder of it. The eastern side of the Upsala Glacier will be the final leg of your excursion by boat on Lake Guillermo before being returned to Puerto Banderas at approximately 7pm.

Return transfer back to your lodgings.

Flights & Transfers

Private transfer to Calafate Airport

Flight from Calafate to Ushuaia

Days 10-13: Ushuaia
Flights & Transfers

Private transfer from Ushuaia airport to your hotel

Accommodation in Ushuaia
Three days in Ushuaia

Enjoy your stay in southern-most city in the world visiting national parks, taking cruises and experiencing the wildlife.

Tierra del Fuego National Park hiking and paddling tour

This full day tour begins with a three to four-hour trek through a beech forest, heading toward a wonderfully scenic point overlooking Lake Roca, Lagunas Verde and Negra, Rivers Ovando and Lapataia and Lapataia bay. Hiking through this beech forest you will be able to look for the Magellanic woodpecker, the largest in South America, Austral parakeets, black-chested buzzard eagles and Andean Condors.

After lunch in the camping area of Lake Roca and a briefing, you will take inflatable boats out onto the Ovando River, which flows, into the Green Lake, for one of the most beautiful views of the park. During this easy downstream ride, you will enjoy the crystal-clear, quiet waters into Lapataia Bay. Along the way you may encounter sea birds flying over, looking curiously at you: sea petrels, albatross, and steamer ducks, among others. Relax and enjoy the early southern sunset behind the mountains at the end of the southernmost reaches of the Panamerican Road, at the end of the world, before transferring back to Ushuaia by car.

Half day Beagle Channel cruise

Board a comfortable catamaran to sail into the Beagle Channel, taking in the passing scenery of mountains and the Martial Glacier. Round the historic lighthouse Les Eclaireurs and spot rocky islands with seals, sea lions, cormorants, giant petrels and many other species of sea-birds jostling for space.

Train to the End of the World

This, one of the two narrow-gauge tracks left in Argentina - the Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino- used to ferry prisoners from the island’s prison into the National Park to fell and chop trees. The “Trencito de los Presos”, the Little train of the Prisoners departs from the Fueguino railway station with the stationmaster’s shrill whistle and steams slowly along the Pipo river until it reaches the Macarena waterfalls. A native Indian camp can be viewed at this point, recreated on the basis of evidence provided by today’s descendants of the tribes as well as documentation left by the early settlers. The train continues into the National Park with its stunning views of Monte Susana, the Martial Glacier and the large swamp where the relics of the prisoners’ logging tasks can still be seen.

Flights & Transfers

Private transfer from your hotel to Ushuaia airport

Flight from Ushuaia to Trelew

Days 13-16: Bahia Bustamante
Flights & Transfers

Private transfer from Trelew airport to Bahia Bustamante

Accommodation in Bahia Bustamante
Three days exploring Bahia Bustamante

Enjoy feeling well off the beaten track on this remote stretch of Patagonian coastline, busy only with its bustling marine life of whales, dolphins, steamer ducks, flamingos and much more. Explore it from the saddle, boat safaris, by mountain bike or by foot.

Flights & Transfers

Private transfer from Bahia Bustamante to Trelew airport

Flight from Trelew to Buenos Aires

Days 16-17: The Pampas
Flights & Transfers

Private transfer from Buenos Aires to the Pampas

One night in the Pampas

Choose from our selection of estancias for an authentic and luxury ranch-style stay in the sleepy Pampas plains. Ride out with gauchos, enjoy an afternoon asado (BBQ), fishing or polo lessons.

Flights & Transfers

Private transfer from the Pampas to Buenos Aires

This trip is just an example of the amazing vacations our experts could plan for you. Speak to one of the team today to start creating your private, bespoke trip.

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    How we Work

    We create fully personalised trips from start to finish. From locations to accommodation and guides, everything is selected to suit you.

    We give back to two regional charities from the profits of each one of our trips.

    From expert private tours to restaurant reservations, we take care of every detail so you can make the most of your time off.