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Comfortable Adventure Domes set inside the National Park

Facilities & Services
  • Dining room
  • Bar
  • Library
  • Shop
  • Individual Geodisic domes
  • A variety of excursions can be organised in and around the national park including longer treks away from the camp itself.

A wonderful way to experience the outdoor feel of camping in this beautiful area of Patagonia with the comfort of a hotel. Accommodation is in geodisic domes inspired by the traditional constructions of the native Kawesqar people allowing plenty of light and space during your stay. The lodge hosts a maximum of 56 guests ensuring a more personal feel as well as minimising the impact on the local environment.

We recommend the ‘Suite’ Domes which come equipped with a private bathroom, wood heated stove and solar power.

There are three main ‘Core’ domes. Two of which contain the dining area and bar while the other is a resting dome with a library. The resting dome is also used for meetings before small group excursions.

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