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A well balanced and comprehensive luxury trip of Chile including stops in Torres del Paine, the Lake District, Valparaiso and Santiago

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  • Private tour options in Valparaiso, the Lake District, Torres del Paine and Santiago
  • Luxury accommodation throughout
  • Meet and greet airport service
  • Full support from your Travel Concierge before, during and after your trip
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At a glance

Travel in luxury to experience the outstanding natural beauty of Chilean Patagonia, discovering the National Parks of Torres del Paine and the Lake District.

With seamless private transfers in between the locations, we’ve also chosen luxury lodges and hotels and destinations that offer a vast range of outdoor activities with expert guides.

Start with three nights in the vibrant Valparaiso, learning about the city’s vibrant art scene and rich history, before flying to explore the stunning Lake District and be humbled by the wild scenery and epic mountains of Patagonia, experiencing the incredible landscapes on on scenic hikes, drives, horse rides and kayaking trips.

Example Trip Itinerary

Days 1-4


Flights & Transfers


Arrive in Santiago


Private transfer from Santiago airport to Valpariaso

Accommodation in Valparaiso

Three nights in Valparaiso Three nights in Valparaiso

Valparaíso has “World Heritage Site” status and is regarded as the cultural capital of Chile, making it a fantastic place to explore. Your travel designer will be able to recommend and arrange activities for you to make the most of your time there.

Valparaiso in Depth tour Valparaiso in Depth tour

Learn all about the rich history of this charming port town during this in depth tour. Explore the winding roads, steep paths and funiculars up to the hilltop ‘cerro’ communities, each with their own identity and feel, as well as the old town down by the docks. You’ll also discover the colourful and grand 19th century houses from Valpo’s golden age, visit historic monuments civic buildings, and see workshops that keep traditional trades alive for a snapshot into the past of this World Heritage Site.

Wine tasting at Casas Del Bosque Wine tasting at Casas Del Bosque

Casas del Bosque is located 70 km from Santiago, and 30 km from one of the principal ports of Chile, Valparaiso. It was established in 1993 to be a family boutique winery exclusively oriented to the production of high quality wines. Casas del Bosque has its own vineyards in the Casablanca Valley, the preferred place for premium wine production. Today, you you enjoy the wine tasting session as well as lunch in Casas Del Bosque Winnery.

Valparaiso Street Art Walking Tour Valparaiso Street Art Walking Tour

Walk among the colourful streets and winding alleys of Valparaiso with a local expert to see the vibrant and ever changing array of anonymous street art and vast murals that adorn much of the city. This tour will allow you to find out who the artists are and the stories behind the beautiful street art of the hills Alegre y Concepcion, getting an insight into the contemporary art scene of the city.

Flights & Transfers


Private transfer from Valparaiso to Santiago airport


Flight from Santiago to Puerto Montt

Days 4-7

Chilean Lake District

Flights & Transfers


Private transfer from Puerto Montt airport to your Lake District hotel

Accommodation in Chilean Lake District

Three nights in the Chilean Lake District Three nights in the Chilean Lake District

Spend your days exploring Chile's Lake District for the great and more moderate outdoors (compared to the real Southern Patagonia landscapes of Torres del Paine and Cape Horn). Charming lakeside towns, epic 4x4 drives, scenic picnics, kayaking, hiking, fishing and white water rafting are just some of the ways to pass the time. Choose from a wide range of adventure activities to suit your interests and we'll make sure you get the absolute most out of your stay here. The lakes and their luxury lodges make this area of Chile a great place to relax too; dine well on local seafood and gourmet cuisine, try regional wines from the central valley, spa treatments and more.

Flights & Transfers


Private transfer from Lake District hotel or lodge to Puerto Montt airport


Flight to Punta Arenas

Days 7-11

Torres del Paine

Flights & Transfers


Transfer from Punta Arenas to your Torres del Paine lodge

Accommodation in Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine, Chile
Four nights in Torres del Paine Four nights in Torres del Paine

The national park of Torres del Paine and its surroundings are one of the most spectacular and unique places in the world. Rising from sea level to a height of almost 3000 metres, the granite peaks that make up the ‘Torres’ would be a truly breath-taking sight on their own. However, when they’re joined with turquoise glacial lagoons, icebergs, snow-capped mountains, endless fjords, forest and rushing rivers all overseen by condors, pumas and vicunas, it becomes something truly special and, for many, the sole reason that they visit Chile.

Depending on the lodgings you have chosen and your individual preferences your travel designer can design a program of activities featuring a whole host of different and diverse ways to explore and encounter Torres del Paine.

Flights & Transfers


Private transfer from Torres del Paine hotel to Punta Arenas airport


Flight from Punta Arenas to Santiago

Days 11-12


Flights & Transfers


Private transfer from Santiago airport to Santiago hotel

Accommodation in Santiago

Overnight in Santiago Overnight in Santiago

Enjoy a night in Santiago, you'll have our list of recommended restaurants and attractions to make sure you make the most of your time here.

Flights & Transfers


Private transfer from Santiago hotel to Santiago airport.

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