Our Luxury Wineland Tours in South Africa

Meet Katie, our Wineland expert, who will take you on the ultimate culinary escape through the region’s finest boutique vineyards. The Cape Winelands, with its gorgeous rolling hills, is the perfect place to showcase the delicate wine South Africa has to offer.

Our Luxury Wineland Tours in South Africa

Katie: I’m Katie. I am a specialist wine guide that does wine tours of the Cape Winelands for Jacada Travel.

The Cape Winelands has some of the most magnificent scenery in the world. Gorgeous rolling hills. Very stark mountains, really encapsulate the essence of the industry. It’s a certain terroir. Sunshine, varying soil types and together with the microclimate of each different region it really showcases something quite spectacular.

As a beginner, if you have no real interest in wine, I can start at the very basics and really ignite your passion. You know, not only in the normal tasting rooms – I get to take you into the inner sanctum and into the homes and hearts of the winemakers that make the South African wine industry what it is today.

David: What’s nice about visiting De Trafford is that you get to meet someone who is intimately involved in the production and the wines here, rather than a sort of sales person.

We do everything by hand. We have a small vineyard up in the mountain side right between the Stellenbosch and Helderberg mountains. Summer… it’s hot, we have a lot of visitors, but if you’re really keen on wine tasting I think spring is a wonderful time. September, October you know the vines are looking beautiful, the vineyards are looking great, the weathers not too hot.

Katie: To showcase the pairing of food and wine we’ve created a specialised tour involving the chef’s table. So you’ll go touring in the Winelands in the morning and then come back and pair the wines with the food to really showcase the marriage between the food and the wine experience.

Dion: That relationship between the wine and the food, I mean when you hit it spot on, one is not better than the other. They’re together. It’s that relationship where nobody is the boss [laughs]. We are both bosses in this and we are moving forward.

Katie: It’s all about the wine, and the wine tells a story and it’s meeting the people behind that wine that showcases the beauty and the history of what that is. It’s the appreciation of your surroundings that you find in the glass. Learning and understanding about what’s in the glass, how to interpret it, your appreciation for it. That’s what makes it so special and it’s really demystifying the mystery of wine that comes through when you tour with us.

Let Katie ignite your passion for wine in South Africa’s Winelands.