Located in the northern part of Gauteng Province, this handsome city is one of South Africa‘s three capital cities. Pretoria is made up of grand buildings, large, leafy green suburbs and wide, tree-lined streets.

Pretoria melds 19th century Dutch, German and British Colonial Architecture with modern, Postmodern, Neomodern, and Art Deco architecture and its landmarks and monuments help tell the story of the city’s long and involved history. Notable are the Herbert Baker-designed Union Buildings, historic Church Square, and the vast Voortrekker Monument – built to commemorate the Great Trek when Afrikaners fled British persecution in the Cape.

Once you’ve had your fill of the city, head to the outskirts to explore one of Pretoria’s many nature reserves or travel a little further and you’ll discover the Cullinan Diamond Mine or the Soutpan Meteor Crater.

What to do

  • The National Zoological Gardens of South Africa are a must see on any itinerary
  • Take a trip to one of the many nature reserves dotted along on Pretoria's outskirts
  • Have a picnic at Burgers Park

Accommodation in Pretoria

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