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The Hiram Bingham Train

Journey to Machu Picchu by rail, in style and luxury
The Hiram Bingham Train winding through the valleys on its journey between the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, Peru

Take the 'Palace on Wheels' to Machu Picchu

Named after the first American to discover the Incan hilltop citadel in 1911 and owned by Orient Express, the Hiram Bingham is a world-class luxury train.  Travellers on the train are driven to Poroy station just outside Cusco to board the exclusive blue and gold painted carriages and for just over three hours you are resplendently transported to Aguacalientes, the town beneath the ruins.

Aboard, the 1920s Pullman carriages reflect the opulence of the locomotive era bedecked in polished brass, wood panels and rich, comfy seating. There is also a period observation car at the rear.

Brunch on the outward journey and dinner on your return are included. These are taken in the elegant dining car replete with white-linen tablecloths, clinking crystal, and you are looked after by the smartest team of waiters. Whilst feasting on fine Peruvian cuisine the steamy forest scenery unfolds right in front of you and there’s a great bar car that often has live music on the return leg, or you can just simply relax into a snug armchair in one of the carriages.

Escorted to the Lost City of the Incas there is a small-group guided tour included, but for those who would like a more exclusive visit we can easily arrange a private one for you.


Dining and bar car

Observation car

Multiple carriages to relax

Brunch and dinner served

Relax and be transported

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