Mid-century travel chic in Miraflores


Facilities & services

  • Nine bedrooms
  • Chauffeur available from 7am-9pm
  • Common spaces including veranda, salon, reading room and garden
  • House bicycles available for guests
  • 24 hour on-site concierge service

Located in the leafy and affluent district of Miraflores in Lima, the Atemporal is a stunning blend of the modern and the old school, with a touch of the ancient nearby with the pre-Inca Huaca Pucllana pyramid a stone’s throw away.

The elegant 1940s mansion has a unifying theme of a well-travelled, freelance photographer, with the sophisticated décor the work of an award-winning design team.

With just 9 rooms, your stay is an exclusive one. Rooms are modern and stylish, with Netflix among the up to date amenities on offer. Service at the Atemporal is of the highest quality, and the chauffeur with keys to a stylish Mini Clubman for transfers within 4km of the hotel. At an additional charge, guests can enjoy therapeutic massages, access to a gym, services of a personal trainer, stylist and shopping guides. Of course, there is constant room service on call as well as a minibar.

The establishment is near to many of the local attractions found in Peru’s bustling capital city. Slip out the doors to explore nearby exquisite malls, chic neighbourhoods and some of the city’s best restaurants.

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