Architecturally unique hotel on the Rilan Peninsula for great views

Facilities & services
  • 24 ocean-view rooms
  • Modern Uma Spa and swimming pool
  • Dining room, wine cellar and bar
  • Transfers to and from Castro airport
  • Explore the wetlands on horse back
  • Hiking
  • Bird watching
  • Visit local villages
  • Navigate the channel to visit the Fjords on board Refugia’s vessel (Williche)
  • Take a boat or a flight from Puerto Montt to Chiloe Island; alternatively you can fly from Santiago to Castro on Chiloe Island

This is Chiloé’s most famed and architecturally unique hotel that has been built in the beautiful, picturesque surroundings of the Rilan Peninsula. With a hilltop position it offers splendid views overlooking the ocean.

The hotel has been designed using native materials such as wood, sheep’s wool, weaving’s and basketry, all of which have been hand crafted by local islanders to offer guests the highest level of comfort.

Each of the 24 rooms offers breath-taking views overlooking the sea and the wooden furnishings give off a cosy and naturally authentic feel to the hotel. The welcoming lounge offers an open fireplace, a great place to relax while looking out over wonderful views of the rolling hills and the wild open ocean.

Positive Impact

Energy efficiency

Tierra Chiloé is a sustainable property which incorporates innovative construction methods, making the most of the natural resources for heating and ventilation. Efficient technologies have created a low-impact building, whose geometric, sustainable design optimises the natural energy sources identified during a study of local land conditions. The location and orientation of the structure is such that the light and heat of the sun can be absorbed through thermopanel windows. This, together with ‘Low-E’ technology, allows for 66% of energy that would otherwise have been lost, being saved.

In addition to this, Tierra Chiloé uses natural cross ventilation in order to keep the air fresh and efficient lighting reduces the use of fossil fuels. Renewable biomass energy is used to heat the hotel, further reducing the carbon footprint, which helps to maintain biodiversity over 20 hectares of land. Two of these hectares have been planted with 18 different types of produce, including herbs, fruit and vegetables, nine of which are native to the region such as hazelnut, nalca and rosehip.

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