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Chiloé, Chile

Tierra Chiloe

Hilltop hotel with breathtaking views

Architecturally unique hotel on the Rilan Peninsula for great views

This is Chiloé’s most famed and architecturally unique hotel that has been built in the beautiful, picturesque surroundings of the Rilan Peninsula. With a hilltop position it offers splendid views overlooking the ocean.

The hotel has been designed using native materials such as wood, sheep’s wool, weaving’s and basketry, all of which have been hand crafted by local islanders to offer guests the highest level of comfort. Each of the rooms offers breath-taking views overlooking the sea and the wooden furnishings give off a cosy and naturally authentic feel to the hotel. The welcoming lounge offers an open fireplace, a great place to relax while looking out over wonderful views of the rolling hills and the wild open ocean.


24 ocean-view rooms

Modern Uma Spa and swimming pool

Wine cellar and bar

The impact of your stay:

  • The hotel ensures that there’s a dedicated focus on actively engaging and supporting the local community. With 70% of its staff hailing from the local community, the tours are designed to forge genuine connections with both the people and the surroundings.
  • At the restaurant, the menu changes with the seasons and draws inspiration from local flavours and fresh ingredients. It features a range of elements like native berries, mushrooms, seaweed, potatoes, herbs and spices, all artfully combined in creative gourmet dishes. These culinary creations not only showcase the abundance of incredible locally-sourced ingredients but also highlight their exceptional quality.
  • Embracing a strong commitment to sustainability, Tierra directs its efforts towards inspiring the next generation of environmentalists to ensure the continued well-being and longevity of the land. They have established an educational initiative in the local school, coordinating activities that raise environmental awareness and providing English lessons for the children.
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