A complete Antarctica voyage that takes in the fascinating Falkands, the wildlife-filled South Georgia Island and the glittering Antarctic Peninsula.

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  • Personalised journeys from start to finish

  • Every trip helps support Conservation

  • Every detail taken care of

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  • Luxury Antarctica cruise
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At a glance

Your legendary journey begins in Buenos Aires before you set off from Ushuaia on the voyage of a lifetime. Lasting for up to 18 days, a luxury cruise through the icy waters of the Antarctic will bring you to some of the most remote and spectacular islands known to man.

The Falkland Archipelago is your first port of call where you’ll experience the island group’s unique and fascinating fusion of traditional British and South American culture. Next up is South Georgia Island, a dramatic landscape of ice and rock hewn by glaciers. Desolate but far from empty, South Georgia hosts more wildlife than even the Galapagos Islands and is inhabited by some of the world’s largest penguin and seal colonies. It’s also where the great explorer Shackleton’s final resting place can be found.

We then sail on to the Antarctic Peninsula to discover dazzling ice formations and extraordinary natural sights. You’ll meet penguins, huge albatrosses, dolphins, whales and seals all along with way with exciting expeditions by specialist guides.

We return to Buenos Aires via Ushuaia to heat up with tours of the sizzling city and a captivating Tango show.

Example trip itinerary

Days 1-2

Buenos Aires

Flights & transfers


Private transfer to your hotel in Buenos Aires (from international airport)

Overnight in Buenos Aires Overnight in Buenos Aires

Enjoy your evening in this lively, sultry city. You'll have our list of recommendations as well as private guides on hand to enjoy the best of your stay.

Accommodation in Buenos Aires

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Private transfer to Buenos Aires Domestic Airport


Flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia

Days 2-4


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Private transfer from Ushuaia airport to your hotel

Accommodation in Ushuaia

Full day tour exploring Ushuaia Full day tour exploring Ushuaia

You have an action-packed day of exploring today. Your private local guide will pick you up in the morning to first of all take a boat trip across the famous Beagle Channel, following in the (watery) footsteps of Charles Darwin on his expedition. Next you’ll board the Austral Fuegino (also known as the train at the end of the world); a historic, narrow gauge steam train that will take you along a scenic route into the Lapataia National Park. Here you will explore further before heading back to your hotel in Ushuaia.

Half day tour of the Beagle Channel Half day tour of the Beagle Channel

Board the comfortable and speedy catamaran at the pier in the downtown area of Ushuaia which moves off along the Beagle Channel. The town is rapidly left behind and appears, map-like, spread out on the lower slopes of the mountain that rises behind it, topped by the Martial Glacier. The catamaran glides along the channel, out of the Bay of Ushuaia, past the estancias originally belonging to the first settlers, set like miniatures against the towering grey mountain ranges. Pass the historic lighthouse Les Eclaireurs, the inspiration for Jules Verne’s novel 'The Lighthouse' at the End of the World, lying on a rocky promontory which stretches into the choppy waves. On the way back to Ushuaia, the catamaran passes small islands of rock rising from the wind-tossed waters, home to noisy communities of seals, sea lions, cormorants, giant petrels and many other species of sea-birds.

Take the 'Train to the End of the World' Take the 'Train to the End of the World'

One of the two narrow-gauge tracks left in Argentina, the Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino used to ferry prisoners from the island’s prison stronghold into the National Park to fell and chop trees. The “Trencito de los Presos” (the Little train of the Prisoners) departs from the Fueguino railway station with the stationmaster’s shrill whistle and steams slowly along the Pipo river until it reaches the Macarena waterfalls. A native Indian camp can be viewed at this point, recreated on the basis of evidence provided by today’s descendants of the tribes as well as documentation left by the early settlers. The train continues into the Lapataia National Park with its stunning views of Monte Susana, the Martial Glacier and the large swamp where the relics of the prisoners’ logging tasks can still be seen.

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Days 4-25

18-day luxury Antarctica Cruise

22-day Antarctica Cruise of Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula 22-day Antarctica Cruise of Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula

Spend your time exploring the magnificent waters of Antarctica on your choice of Jacada's selected luxury expedition cruises. The exact itinerary and cruise length will depend on which you choose and our Travel Designers will help you decide which suits you best. Extended Antarctica cruises usually last for around 22 days. Setting off from Ushuaia, you'll journey first to the remote and hilly Falkland Islands. Next up is South Georgia Islands, a dramatic landscape of ice and rock that's brimming with wildlife and where Shackleton's final resting place can be found. A few days on the Weddell Sea will bring you to the glittering Antarctic Peninsula, composed of a 500 mile long mountain chain and numerous off-lying islands and offering some of the most dramatic scenery and the biggest variety of wildlife in Antarctica. Finally, you'll cross the Drake Passage, returning to Ushuaia to disembark. Your journey will bring you into contact with penguins, seals, whales and dazzling icebergs in one of the world’s most pristine natural environments. There's an abundance of exhilarating activities to enjoy during your cruise such as diving, swimming, hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, Zodiac expeditions and lectures and talks from experts both on board and on visits to research stations. The opportunity for photography is outstanding. Below is an example of some of the sights you will see aboard your cruise. Please speak to a Travel designer for full details.

The Falkland Islands The Falkland Islands

Divided by the Falkland Sound strait, the Falkland archipelago is composed of two island groups, the West and East Islands. Hilly and tree-less, the islands are frequented by marine mammals such as the southern elephant seal and the South American fur seal. On the west side, you'll encounter breeding Magellanic and Gentoo penguins, numerous waders and passerine birds on Carcass Island. On Saunders Island, you'll meet the majestic Black-browed albatross and watch their sometimes-clumsy landings, breeding Imperial shags and Rock hopper penguins. East Falkland is where you'll find the capital Port Stanley and will experience Falkland culture, a wonderful mixture of South American characteristics and Victorian charm with colourful houses, well-tended gardens and English style pubs. In Stanley and the surrounding area, you can see a number of stranded clippers from a century ago bearing witness to the hardships of sailors in the 19th Century. The small, but very interesting museum is well worth a visit featuring an exhibition covering the early days of settlement up to the Falklands War of 1982. Of the smaller Falkland Islands, New Island is a wildlife and nature reserve where you can hike into the rocky cliffs to a rookery where Rockhopper Penguins and Blue-eyed Shags nest. You can also watch for Peale’s dolphins and the distinctive black and white Commerson’s dolphin on the approach to West Point Island. Once ashore, walk on rolling moorland and learn about the island’s unique vegetation including the rare Felton plant.

South Georgia Island South Georgia Island

With a wild and dramatic scenery formed by snowcapped mountains and huge glaciers, South Georgia Island is one of the wildest and most remote places on earth. As you sail up the rugged Drygalski Fjord on the island's far east side, you'll see how ice and rock dominate the landscape. This island is far from desolate however. It's also known as the 'Galapagos of the South' because of the huge numbers of penguins and seals that breed here. You'll want to have your camera ready for outstanding wildlife photo opportunities. Exciting activities on South Georgia can include retracing sections of the historic Shackleton route by ski; visits to Prion Island to see Wandering Albatross chicks (season dependant); excursions to see penguin colonies and Southern Elephant seals at Salisbury Plain, St Andrews Bay and Gold Harbour; trips to the abandoned whaling stations of Stromness and Grytviken; stunning hikes at Godthul; and a visit to Shackleton's grave.

The Weddell Sea The Weddell Sea

Sailing the Weddell Sea, you'll experience true silence and an extraordinary and haunting atmosphere of unparalleled serenity. Discover the fur seals, penguin colonies, albatross and giant petrels that inhabit these waters. The lord of the manor, also known as the Weddell seal, can remain underwater for over an hour and dive more than 600 meters deep. Its coat is dark gray and his belly is dotted with dark spots. Watch as giant icebergs and icecaps carve a unique landscape.

Port Lockroy Port Lockroy

On reaching the small island of Goudier, we will head for Port Lockroy which was discovered by the French explorer Jean-Baptiste Charcot in 1903. Originally a base for whaling boats, Port Lockroy became a British base in 1944. Here you'll find a small museum detailing life on the base in the 1950s and research on Papua penguins. The port is the most visited place of the White Continent and is also the only port with a post office where you can send letters to loved ones. Close to Port Lockroy is Jougla Point where Gentoo penguins and Blue-eyed shags can be found and leopard seals, crabeater seals and whales inhabit the waters.

Neko Bay Neko Bay

At the bottom of Andvord Bay, lies a little corner of paradise at the foot of a huge glacier. Neko Bay is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sites in the Antarctic Peninsula. Wildlife is also abundant here, with seabirds such as gulls, Cape petrels, cormorants, and marine mammals such as seals, orcas and whales. Your guides will take you aboard the Zodiacs to get closer to the icebergs or land nearby to the penguin colonies, to observe a sea leopard, lounging on the beach or watch swoop of the Antarctic Terns.

Deception Island Deception Island

Nestled in the heart of the Shetland Islands, north of the Antarctic Peninsula, Deception Island is easily recognizable by its horseshoe shape. On the black volcanic sand beaches, the ruins of the abandoned cabins now give way to a rich wildlife. The largest colony of chinstrap penguins in the Antarctic Peninsula has taken up residence on these beaches. Trips aboard the Zodiacs allow you to land here to observe the 100,000 pairs of penguins, elephant seals and fur seals up close.

The Drake Passage The Drake Passage

Your journey to the "White Continent" begins by crossing the famous Drake Passage, considered by many as a rite of passage on a voyage to Antarctica. Named after the celebrated explorer Sir Frances Drake who first sailed these waters in 1578, the Drake Passage extends between Cape Horn and the South Shetland Islands and takes about 2 days to cross in favorable conditions. You'll pass the Polar Front, a fascinating area of the sea where waters from the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans meet. Keep your eyes open for seabirds and gulls such as albatrosses and petrels. It's near the South Shetland Islands that you'll spot your first icebergs.

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Private Transfer from Ushuaia Town Pier to Ushuaia airport


Flight from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires

Days 25-30

Buenos Aires

Flights & transfers


Private transfer to your hotel in Buenos Aires (from international airport)

One day in Buenos Aires One day in Buenos Aires

Spend your time relaxing and exploring this wonderful city. You have our top recommendations for activities, restaurants and shopping so that you can make the most of your time here.

Four balconies city tour Four balconies city tour

This exclusive tour serves as the perfect introduction to four of the city's most distinctive districts, offering a fascinating insight into its history, contrasts and culture. Your expert guide will draw on his extensive knowledge as you experience the highlights of Buenos Aires, including political centres, artist meccas and barrios rich in European architecture. You'll become acquainted with the foundation site of the capital at Plaza de Mayo, undisputedly Buenos Aires' political heart.

Next, you'll delve into one of the oldest districts, Parque Lezama and La Boca in the south, where artists ateliers and brightly coloured houses jostle for space; before moving on to Plaza San Martin and Retiro. Here, you'll notice the transformation of Buenos Aires architecture from the rambling style of the south of the city to the European-influenced residential quarters of the 19th century. Finally, you'll come face to face with the sophisticated neighbourhood of Recoleta, whose buildings and avenues were inspired by the French; it's also home to the world-famous Recoleta Cemetery and Evita Peron's Mausoleum, and you'll get to make a stop here on this tour.

Plaza de Mayo Plaza de Mayo

Visit the epicenter of political life in Buenos Aires, a landmark dedicated to the country's independence from Spanish rule Dominated by the Casa Rosada (Government House), the Nación Bank, the Cathedral and original Parliament House, your guide will fill you in on its history and recurring importance.

Palace of Congress Palace of Congress

Located on the western side of the Plaza de Mayo, this is the Argentine National Congress and the legislative branch of the government of Argentina, made up of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.

La Boca La Boca

This is where the famous Caminito Street lies, scarcely 100 metres long, yet very much an emblematic post-card of the city. Designed by the Italian-Argentine artist Benito Quinquela Martín at a disused rail port terminal just beyond the iron cantilevered Puente de la Boca which bridges the river, it is a short yet busy pedestrian alley of brightly-painted houses which cluster above the cobblestones. The sheets of corrugated-iron shimmer with glossy blues, reds, yellows and greens and recall the original colours of the leftover paint with which the dockworkers painted their homes in the 19th century.

Recoleta Cemetery Recoleta Cemetery

It might seem strange to visit a cemetery, but Recoleta doesn't fail to impress. Many mausoleums and tombs are the work of famous artists, seventy graves have been declared national monuments, but perhaps the most famous for our visitors will be the tomb of Evita Perón.

Rojo tango show Rojo tango show

Enjoy the best tango show in town, set in the exclusive environs of the Faena Hotel. The Rojo tango is the smallest and most stylish of tango salons. Your evening includes soft drinks and alcoholic drinks such as wine and champagne, and transfers to and from the venue.

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